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Escorts Plus Punters Guide to Punting

Support And Advice For Escorts

Punters Guide to Punting - Punting related Questions & Answers part of our punting guide.

Answered here are a few frequently asked questions.

Q.... What about Domination? I want a girl who will cover my arse in jam and sit me in a wasps nest or cover my tackle in lighter fluid and set fire to my knackers or something.

A....  Well in truth the practice of Domination, is considered to be something of an art form by many! For the casual punter it is best to remember that "proper" domination services rarely offer any type of "full personal services" and hence aren’t detailed elsewhere in the guide. Websites containing information covering the practices and indeed availability of specialist domination services are readily available online elsewhere.

 Q.... I'm looking for this particular working girl !  Can you help?

A.... I’m afraid if she appears to of disappeared  the chances are she isn’t working anymore so best to get over it and find some new ones! A little common sense here, the nature of this type of “adult service” or business means a relatively high turnover of working girls. That said, the industry can indeed be somewhat lackadaisical in terms of up to date information, mobile phone numbers are changed frequently – due to the most part in ladies receiving nuisance calls. In addition, e-mail enquiries are sadly all too often ignored or missed – again due to the large number of abusive, impolite or just plain weird ones the ladies receive. Personally, I would adopt the practice of call once - leave one message, e-mail once – send one message. Others on the PboroPlus Website would disagree and tend to persist with a chosen ladies number until they eventually might get through – rather than leave a message - all a bit obsessive compulsive for my liking. If no reply is received then it’s probably best to move on to the next working girl that may take your fancy.

Q....   ”I think I really fancy the working girl I’ve just met and want her to be my real life girlfriend, should I phone her and tell her?

A....   Well this isn’t as uncommon as it may sound, and in order to avoid a lengthy agony aunt style reply here about “getting things in perspective” etc. I would simply suggest you go down to your local video shop and hire a copy of the 1999 Oliver Stone directed American Football film "Any Given Sunday" with Al Pacino, Al’s character Tony D’Amato– asks the exact same question to a working girl in the in the film. Watch what happens (and cringe accordingly).

"No really, I think I should call her”

OK, get yourself back down to the video store and get a copy of the 1976 film Taxi Driver, (ignore for the purposes of this specific argument, the bit about prostitution) and instead watch the section when Robert De Niro’s character Travis Bickle is asking Cybill Shepherd’s character Betsy for a second date on a payphone. Note how the director Martin Scorsese moves the camera away from De Niro’s character to focus on an empty corridor to show the painful embarrassing and pathetic nature of the call. – Even the camera can’t bear to look at him.

Q.... Yeah but working girls don’t kiss, do they?

A.... Actually a great many do, just make sure your gob is nice and clean, freshly rinsed with mouthwash – then ask them nicely.

Q.... What about stockings and suspenders and getting working girls to dress up and all that kind of stuff?

A.... Actually, most working girls do present themselves in stockings and suspenders, as this is such a common request from any prospective punter. Personally, it does nothing for me whatsoever; although I understand a great many ladies like to do it for themselves anyway, as it makes them feel sexy. Certainly, the traditional outfits of "Nurse", "WPC" & "French maid" and all the other stock fantasy stuff can be accommodated by some working girls – again just ask nicely. Many ladies are less keen on such fantasy wear; personally I stopped dressing up when I was about five years old and if asked to say dress up as a “sexy fireman” by any girlfriend, I’d feel a bit of a tit myself – so I suppose a fair few girls feel likewise.

Q.... Should I buy her presents?

A.... Generally I think the best thing you can take with you as a present to any working girl is a puppy. Alsatians are absolutely ideal for this or a big box of kittens (you can always offer to drown them in a canal if the lady doesn’t want them). Failing that, how about a bag of assorted metric and imperial spanners from B&Q?… OK, I will be sensible now, the fact is a few ladies do openly tout for specific gifts on their websites, but these tend to more in the London area, and perhaps present giving is a more common practice with non UK national clients of these ladies. However, my advice would be that even gifts of flowers and chocolates that are perhaps commonly regarded as suitable presents from punters are best avoided. After having visited a working girl a few times, and once you have got to know her a little, the odd bottle of wine, or suitable tipple of the ladies choice may be welcomed – avoid a two litre bottle Tesco Value Cider though (even with a nice crimson bow tied around it).

Q.... They are all on drugs though aren’t they? That’s why they do it.

A.... Any form of evident drug abuse or addiction seems fortunately to be extremely rare with Independent Girls, Agency girls or Parlour staff in this area, so the chances of this issue being of any concern to you are virtually negligible. However, be mindful that drug abuse is present in any area of modern society and is not exclusive to the world of "personal services". Certainly, recreational drug use may be extremely common in the wider population of the region – this really is not a part of any working girl life that is likely to affect you in any way. In this region, there is some anecdotal evidence that heroin addiction, addiction to injected amphetamines (once a not uncommon problem in Cambridgeshire) or latterly crack addiction can be a motivating factor with some street prostitutes – which are regardless best avoided for other reasons contained in the guide.

Q.... Is there any correlation between price and quality of the experience?”

A.... Opinion is hugely divided and this is an extremely difficult question to answer, certainly there are a lot of lower priced working girls that offer an outstanding service. Looking at an escort experience "in the round", clearly higher fees may indicate say in the case of an independent, better quality accommodation, surroundings, perhaps a more physically attractive girl – and logic might dictate a better service too. However, the latter two points regarding "appearance" and "service" are highly subjective in what is a highly personal area of life. That said, higher prices may also indicate lower "volumes", so hopefully the lady is less overworked and consequently able to concentrate more on giving a good service (however subjective the concept of "good service" may be!) if only one or a few punters need to be seen in a single day. Amongst experienced punters, there is strong belief that as with many areas in life "if you pay peanuts you get monkeys". Certainly higher fees do not guarantee a more comprehensive service, so if you are looking for any specific, specialised services then money is not always the critical factor.

Q.... So, if I opt for an agency or an independent girl, how much should I expect to pay?

A.... Well obviously this depends on a number of factors, but should you really require a benchmark figure then £120.00 per hour is generally regarded as a reasonable fee in this area for the services of a working girl.

£120??!!? For a working girl? Most ordinary/non working women I meet in nightclubs will do it for a tenner!

Very true, £10.00 for sex, £20.00 if they wriggle.

Q.... Obviously, full sex should be with a condom. But what about oral sex on me? What happens here? Should I insist on a condom?

A.... Obviously I’m not in a position to give you any sort of medically qualified comment or advice on whether or not to wear a condom. You may want to check out this website though:
Basically, some ladies will perform oral sex on you without a condom; some will insist that a condom is used.  In addition, some ladies will provide oral sex on you without a condom, but "not to completion" i.e.: up until the point you ejaculate. Some ladies will allow you to ejaculate into their mouth and swallow your semen, some will allow you to ejaculate into their mouth and then (hopefully discreetly!) spit out your semen into a tissue, some will allow you to ejaculate over their face or body. It’s a service that varies from lady to lady. Certainly any reputable lady should not have a problem with you requesting a condom be used while you receive oral sex, however a few may not be keen as they may not like the "taste" of a condom.

Q.... What about my safety?

A.... In my experience, I have never had any sort of problem with a working girl. For example, I’ve never had them nicking my wallet or indeed drugging me and stealing one of my kidneys. Certainly, hidden "heavies" have never mugged me (but I have seen "Karate Kid" at least twice – so I know Kung Fu, I have also seen "The Wrath Of Khan" so I can also do that Mr. Spock neck pinch thingy) nor have I contracted any STD’s (even from girls providing oral 'without'). In addition I’ve never had "personal" issues such as ladies "abusing" my mobile phone number or any other personal information I’ve given etc. Do remember that any reputable, carefully chosen lady is going to be both professional and honest in her dealings with you. The chances of you being kidnapped and put into a meat pie or awake chained up (like “The Gimp” in Quentin Tarantino 1994 seminal classic 7quotPulp Fiction") in some nutters' porn dungeon are pretty remote. Digressing slightly for the moment, interestingly, the chap who played the part of "The Gimp" was Stephen Hibbert – yep he was Jim McFinnigan in "The Cat In The Hat" feel free snigger knowingly when it comes on ITV or wherever on Christmas Day at some time in the future.

Q.... How many times during a meeting will the lady allow me to come? Can I come twice during a meeting?

A.... Coming twice is a bit of a moot point with some ladies, and this something you should make clear at the time you book, or at least before the appointment starts. Some ladies will allow you to come as many times as you like in your given time period, others will not. Certainly requesting to come twice in an hour isn’t unreasonable but definitely you should check before you start! Once is enough for me but then again I’ve never been one those blokes who spend every spare moment masturbating like one of those monkey’s at a Safari Park that insist on tossing themselves off repeatedly while sitting on the bonnet of your car. For more information, rent a copy of the 1987 Stanley Kubrick classic "Full Metal Jacket" – really it’s "not healthy".

Q.... Assuming I don’t ejaculate into a condom, where else am I allowed to come?

A.... With regard to where you can come on a lady, if it is your first time I would relax, let the lady take charge a bit and "go with the flow". If you have any specific "target" you want to hit – then again if you feel confident enough simply ask politely: "Can I come in your ear?" "Can I come up your left nostril?" or wherever you like – the lady will inform you of what she is comfortable with.

Q.... What happens to my semen once we’ve finished? She wouldn’t sell it on e-bay or do something "really bad" with it would she?… oh my god what if the condom splits?

A.... Interesting question – Not as strange as it sounds - I assume you recall the infamous Boris Becker restaurant incident! – Any semen (assuming not swallowed) whether it is on a tissue or in a condom, is virtually exclusively flushed down the toilet. Overseas (Amsterdam for instance), sometimes these are placed in special bins, which are then either flushed or otherwise destroyed.
As with any sexual contact with any lady (working or otherwise) there is always "a risk" and of course no form of contraception is "100% safe".
For example the chances of a condom "splitting" or "coming off" are generally being regarded as being pretty remote, but it does happen. Many ladies will also use a spermicidal lubricant in addition to the condom, and indeed many use the "implant" type of contraception – (as I understand this prevents a lady from menstruating, enabling them to work right through the month) or are also on the pill. Obviously, it’s really the same as sex with any lady whether working or not - there is always a chance of "something hideous" happening but again these ladies are professionals and will be aware of what to do should a condom split.
Hmmm, I think I understand what you mean by doing something "really bad" – so in answer I am not aware of any working girl ever "getting herself pregnant" deliberately by a client, God only knows what the reason or motivation might be. I’m sure there are a few urban myths around about this sort of thing happening, blackmail, extortion etc … but again I would stress that any reputable lady should be regarded as professionals in their own chosen area of work.

Q.... I’m visiting an independent lady, I’m hoping there won’t be another man there? That would be rather embarrassing to me

A.... I understand what you mean by feeling embarrassed if there was another bloke there, it’s perfectly natural. The chances of you seeing a reputable independent and "bumping into" another punter are pretty remote. It’s certainly on the list of "most unprofessional things any lady can do", so it should never happen. With regards to any male minders, they will be there ostensibly for security and some ladies will have chap present in the property for these reasons. However, courtesy towards you as the customer dictates that they will remain out of the way, and well hidden. Of course, any lady may employ a female "maid" to greet you at the door, perhaps make you a coffee etc before your appointment - this is regarded as acceptable practice.

"Punters guide to Punting" Written by the Boy M.

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