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Punters guide to Punting
Punting Guide Jargon Buster

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Escorts Plus Punters Guide to Punting

Support And Advice For Escorts


Punters Guide to Punting - Punting Jargon Buster part of our punting guide.

When visiting the Escorts Plus website and forum-x, and indeed other websites devoted to escorting, here is a list of common punting abbreviations or punters terms that you may find and a brief explanation as to their meaning:

A – Anal sex (as any fule kno)

A Levels – Anal Sex

BJ – Blow Job – Oral Sex

BBW - Big Beautiful Woman.

BBBJ – Bareback Blow Job – Oral Sex without a condom

Bareback - Usually refers to full penetrative sex without a condom

Bombay Roll – Breast Relief

B D S M - Bondage, domination, sadism and masochism.

CIM – Come in Mouth – The working girl allows you to ejaculate into her mouth

CBS – Crack, Back and Sack – See Depilation

CBT – C*ck and Ball Torture - A service generally offered by specialist Dominatrix services.

CP - Corporal punishment

Depilation – Hair Removal – some ladies in addition to personal services offer basic “beauty therapy” or “grooming services”– i.e. hair removal on a gentleman.

Dom – Domination

Facial – The practice of ejaculating onto the face of a working girl

Fisting – A rare service where a punter may insert their whole hand into a girl’s vagina. (Owwww, probably, but I’m not a girl)

FR – Field Report – A review of a working girl, posted by a punter on a given website

FS – Full Service - full penetrative sex

Full Personal - Full penetrative sex

FW – Foot Worship –generally kissing and sucking a lady’s feet and toes. Perhaps, more of a “domination thing”, but then again Keanu Reeves does it in the 1997 Taylor Hackford film “The Devils Advocate” while his character Kevin Lomax is have passionate floor sex with Connie Nielsen’s character Christabella Andreoli – so I suppose it can’t be as  “icky” as it sounds. 

GFE - See Girlfriend Experience below

Girlfriend Experience - Regarded by some punters as something of a “Holy Grail” – a lady who offers the same level of physical and “almost” the personal intimacy a punter may expect from a “real” girlfriend. 

Golden Shower – This is the practice of (usually) the lady urinating on the punter. Also for you fans of Greek mythology, beware, the god Zeus has been known to appear in them, or something like that. So be warned. An old bloke in a beard could appear air at any time during the process.      

Golden Wonder – An entirely fictitious sexual practice made up by the author to see if anyone notices its inclusion. This involves the practice of urinating into a half empty crisp packet and bursting it loudly over the stripped and prostrate working girl.

Greek – Anal sex.

Hard Sports – See HS

HR – Hand Relief or being masturbated.

HS – Hard Sports - The (thankfully!) rare practice of (generally) the working girl defecating on the punter.

HJ – See H/R

O Levels - Oral sex.

Overnights – The practice of the working girl staying with you for an entire evening, then sleeping over.

OWO – Oral Without – Oral Sex without a condom

OWO to Completion – Oral Sex without a condom allowing the punter to ejaculate into the mouth of the working girl. Same as CIM.

PNFR – Punter Net Field Report - A review of a working girl, posted by a punter on the Punternet website – a major resource for such information.

Punter – An individual who retains the services of a working girl. 

Queening – Face sitting (No I’m not making it up)

Reverse - The opposite to that which is common between a working girl and her client. Example: "reverse oral" means oral sex on the lady

Rimming – Oral sex on or around, an individuals’ anus.

RLD – Red Light District

Russian – Breast relief

Scat – See HS -hard sports (do you really want to know all this?)

SO - Strap On Sex – A practice where the working girl may penetrate the punter anally with an attachable sex toy. (Owww, I should think - not tried it my self though)

T&T - Tie And Tease – A basic restraint based teasing domination service. Domination Lite if you prefer…

Walk-up – More of a London thing in truth, which essentially can be regarded as a type a type of Parlour, most usually an open door with a “cryptic” sign above it saying something like “Girls” or “X X X”! Anyway the open door allows you to “walk up” to separate rooms in each of which a working girl is based.

WG – Working girl – Any lady offering “personal services”

W/O – Without – Usually refers to full penetrative sex without a condom

WS – Water Sports – The practice of (usually) the girl urinating on the punter. When I was young and on holiday in Ibiza, I once met a girl in a hotel and she asked me back to her room for “water sports” – I assumed this might involve a bit of jet skiing or something. People looked at me funny when I walked down the hotel corridor in a snorkel and flippers – however as it turned out, they came in pretty useful.

Without – See W/O

"Punters guide to Punting" Written by the Boy M.

Punting Guide Sections :
Punters Guide Introduction - Punting Basics - Punting Questions & Answers
Punting Jargon Buster - A Few Punting Anecdotes

Beginners Guide to punting by Mr Camscene

Note: The views in this publication are given without responsibility or liability for any inaccuracy or omission of
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