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Punters guide to Punting
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Escorts Plus Punters Guide to Punting

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Punters Guide to Punting - Back To Basics part of our punting guide.


There are two basic options when arranging to see a working girl:
In-call – You visit the lady.

Outcall – The lady visits you. 

There are three basic ways that working girls offer their services:
Independent Escort.

Agency Escort.

Massage Parlour.

When working as an "Independent", the lady is essentially working for herself and typically will offer an "outcall service" to your home or hotel and / or "in call service" at her own home or alternative accommodation that the lady uses for the purpose of conducting her business. An independent escort will be essentially working for herself, she will be responsible for arranging her own internet site, advertising and for the most part the lady you call on the telephone, will be the one you actually get to see.

Many punters favour using an independent working girl, as there are many reasons in favour of this, in particular it is felt that a lady working for her self will offer the best service she can as she has her own personal reputation to protect. Ladies that work as independents will most typically work on a "time" basis and charge for example by the half or full hour and upwards.

Some ladies choose to work via an "Agency", the agency itself, will effectively have a number of ladies at any one time on their books and be responsible for advertising, making bookings, etc. Traditionally a prospective punter would make contact with the agency typically via telephone and discuss their requirements (age appearance etc) and a lady that broadly fits the punters requirements would typically be sent to visit the punter at their home or hotel. Obviously with the Internet age being well upon us, many agencies have websites that often already have detailed information regarding the ladies on offer, photographs etc. So it is much easier for any prospective punter to choose the lady that they require.

Many ladies favour working for an agency, as generally it is considered to offer a greater degree of "protection" for the lady herself, as problems such a nuisance or time wasting enquiries, trouble making punters and so on can be fielded by the agency as opposed to the ladies themselves. Many ladies favour working for an agency, for the obvious business advantages such as clear economies of scale. However, in the simplest terms, some ladies favour agencies as they wish to concentrate on doing what they do best i.e.: working with their punters as opposed to getting involved in the minutiae of running their own business as an independent. Ladies that work as agency escorts will again most typically work on a time basis, generally by the hour and upwards.  

Although traditionally, the preserve of "outcall" visits, many agencies now also offer an in-call service, sometimes on given days at a local hotel or as is now more common the agency may have one or a number of locations, typically flats or apartments where generally speaking a single lady will work for a given day and be available for any punter to visit.   

The final option is "Parlours", in this region these are less favoured amongst punters than they traditionally were – Parlours are strictly in-call affairs and those responsible for running the Parlour will typically rent apartments, houses, commercial or warehouse units and use these as a base where a number of ladies will work - mostly at the same time. As is covered later in the guide, most parlours are therefore effectively "Brothels" and may be considered as such to be illegal.

However, punters that favour parlours visit them as there can be a wide choice of ladies available, appointments are not always required and they are often quite cheap. Unlike most independents or nearly all agencies any prospective punter will rarely be offered a lady on a "time basis" more usually there is a "menu" of services on offer for the punter to choose from. Although Parlours are seen as cheap and flexible - sadly in this region the quality of service can be the most variable of any of the three basic ways a punter can employ a lady – probably best to rely on an old cliché with regard to Parlours – "when they are good they are very good but when they are bad they are horrible" but to some extent that can be true of the whole punting experience regardless of the route you choose to select a working girl!   

Other People

When visiting an Independent working girl, there may be a "maid" - usually female, that greets you at the door, and in being there offers effectively a basic level of security to the working girl herself whilst answering calls during appointments etc. – This is in this area is extremely rare, or appears to be, so generally it’s just you and the lady in her accommodation. When visiting a Parlour there will usually always be a maid employed –upon entry to the Parlour you will typically be required to pay a "door fee" of around £10.00-£20.00 – this generally covers the cost of massage – the rest is "extras" – once in the privacy of a room with your chosen lady – she will go through with you the costs of any "additional services" that are on offer. As Parlours have a high turnover of visiting punters you will typically be shown into a waiting area and there may on occasion, be other punters waiting there too. Dealing with a maid, sitting with other punters etc may sound a bit scary, particularly to new punters – and this is the main reason that most new punters may choose to avoid the Parlour option.       

When making outcall visits to you or your hotel, some independent escorts will employ a driver in order to transport them to their appointment, and again offer a basic level of security. Drivers are generally most discreet and should remain unseen and unheard by any punter. Drivers will tend to park a comfortable distance from your home to avoid the inquisitive glances of your neighbours, or if the outcall is to your hotel will wait in the hotel car park for their lady. When an escort arrives, she may call her driver to confirm her safe entry into your home and will call the driver again when she is ready to leave your home or hotel room. 

The same applies for agency escorts, when making outcall visits to you or your hotel, most agencies will employ a driver in order to transport girls to their appointments, and as mentioned for independents offer a basic level of security. Again these, drivers are generally most discreet. When your escort arrives, she may call her driver to confirm her safe entry into your home and will call the driver again when she is ready to leave. The driver will in turn call the agency in order inform them of the escorts’ arrival and departure.

Making a Booking

Generally the key here for any prospective punter is to be as business like, polite and efficient as possible when contacting any working girl for the first time. If you are making contact by telephone, firstly make sure your telephone does not withhold its number – most providers will not answer calls from withheld numbers. Secondly, you should never make first contact with a working girl via text message. Once you are through, you may find you have to leave a message to be called back, simply best to keep it brief and leave a name, your number (read it out twice slowly) and if applicable, the times you will be available to take any call.    

Once you do actually get to speak the lady of your choice, if you are feeling nervous or this is going to be your first time with a working girl – then be honest and say so. The lady should be understanding and certainly should be used to dealing with "first timers" and do their best to put you at your ease.

Most ladies, be they independent, agency or Parlour will typically have a short "spiel" describing the appearance of the working girl, and occasionally detail the basic services on offer. It is wise not to push for too much detail with regard to the actual services on offer as many independents, agencies or parlours tend to prefer not to discuss this information on the telephone and will go over the services on offer to you upon your arrival. Therefore it may be wise to consult the PboroPlus guide itself if you are looking a specific service. You should however take the time to be clear on the exact cost involved and the duration of the booking.

It will then be time for you to a make a decision about when and where to book an appointment. In the case of the lady making an outcall booking to your hotel it is usual for them to request your name, the name and address of hotel, your reservation number and the number of hotel room (if available at that stage). The lady will normally call you that day and again often an hour or two before the appointment to confirm that she is "on her way" and get details of your room number if not already provided. Basically, the same applies for a visit to you home; you will need to give your name, home address, and typically your landline number. Providing the landline number is generally accepted to be used to confirm the booking is genuine and the telephone number belongs to the address given.

It is worth remembering here that regrettably working girls can all too frequently, be late for their appointments, typically upwards of 30-40 minutes! It is certainly worthwhile calling to politely chase up the independent or agency once the girl is about thirty minutes late. However, the more professional the agency or lady is, the better the chance of being punctual or at least giving you a call advising they are "running late"

When arranging an in-call, once you have agreed a date and time you will normally be given a location to drive to - typically close to where the in appointment is going to take place. You will then be asked to call the lady about ten minutes prior to your appointment for the final directions to the actual in-call location itself. Be aware that often the directions you receive are not always the best, so it is always best to have a street map handy if you are in an unfamiliar location. 

Arrival, Payment et al

If you have arranged an outcall visit, prior to the working girls’ arrival it is wise to exercise a little common sense and prepare for their visit. Remember the lady is making a visit to "unknown territory" so it is wise to make sure your house is clean and tidy, there is say, wine and mineral water on offer – basically ready your home in the same manner as you would for any special house guest coming to visit you. Make sure that the sheets, pillow cases are all freshly laundered and a few clean towels are to hand- little things like this whether you actually regard them as common sense or just plain common courtesy - will help ensure your time with the lady is far more enjoyable for the both of you.

It is critical to ensure that you are also immaculately clean and tidy too! Do make the effort to have a thorough bath or shower prior to the lady’s arrival. Being clean shaven, taking the time to put on a little aftershave and deodorant and also a good session with some mouthwash is a very wise move. Prepare just as you would for any special date with any lady, working girl or otherwise! This of course also applies to in-calls – you should be clean and presentable when visiting and likewise you should reasonably expect the same from her.   

Payment for the booking is nearly always made in cash upon arrival, it is best to count out the cash first and place this in an envelope, passing this to the lady immediately saving her having to ask for it. It is certainly considered a little impolite to count out the cash in front of the working girl. A few agencies in this area do take cheques for bookings, with some national agencies also taking credit cards, but this should be clarified and agreed with them prior to the booking. When you arrive for an in-call appointment you may be offered shower or bath facilities. Clearly if you have not been able to make yourself look beautiful prior to your arrival then here’s your chance. You may also be invited to take a shower or bath before you leave too should you wish. 

In terms of what to expect from a first encounter, then this can vary from lady to lady and your own specific requirements. Typically you will go off to a bedroom, and be asked to undress while the working girl typically undresses down to her underwear and readies herself in the bathroom and joins you in the room. Typically, the session may start with the lady giving you a massage, this should help you to relax, have a bit of a chat with her and things should naturally progress from there!

As ever when being intimate with anyone for the first time, it is best to be as gentle and polite as possible, if you want to receive say, oral sex then ask politely! Again, it really is common sense but it is best to avoid giving the lady’s head a hearty shove downwards toward your quivering nether regions while shouting, "lick my humungous love pump you dirty slag". All in all, just take things easy, and as the girl knows you are a little inexperienced with all this paid sex malarkey, it may be best to let her take the lead and you relax and enjoy things, until you are a little more comfortable and confident. 

The critical thing here is your own behaviour and attitude, being nervous is nothing to be ashamed of! However, think carefully about how you speak to the working girl, be friendly and polite, also especially on arrival (first impressions and all that!) think about your body language so you don’t appear aggressive or intimidating - try to ensure you are the "perfect gentleman".

Punting & "The Law"

The author or hosts of this guide are not legally qualified and this section should not be considered as qualified legal advice. The understanding of the present position with regard to prostitution in the UK is that being a prostitute is not illegal, nor is engaging the services of one. 

Beyond being sure the girl is over the age of 18, there are only really two areas that should concern you:

Firstly, more than one girl working from a single location however, (as is frequently the case with parlours) is understood to constitute a "brothel" – this is illegal for those running and working from the brothel, albeit their activities are largely acknowledged but overlooked by most police forces and local authorities. Any punter themselves on the premises is however understood not to be committing any offence and therefore you should not be liable for arrest in the unlikely event of any police raid!   

Secondly, attempting to employ the services of a "street prostitute" should always be avoided; "kerb crawling" is illegal. This is true even in what are the few commonly accepted "red light districts" in the region. The police are aware of where these areas are and you are running a strong risk of finding yourself being stopped by the local constabulary and very probably arrested.

In the current climate of tabloid hysteria regarding "sex slaves", or ladies forced to otherwise forced to work against their will. In a nutshell, sticking to ladies of English, Western European origin or similar could be argued as being wise so as to avoid this being a issue for you. In truth the problem seems pretty rare in the East Anglia region.

"Punters guide to Punting" Written by the Boy M.

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