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Escorts Plus Punters Guide to Punting

Support And Advice For Escorts

Punters Guide to Punting - A Few Punting Anecdotes for our punting guide.

This final section of the guide deals with the more anecdotal material of general interest to new and existing punters. The information here has been largely gathered from the PboroPlus forum-x, is anonymous and does not name or identify any service provider or punter.

In the first section of the guide, there has been a studious effort to avoid content that, for the purposes of any new punter may perhaps be a little too subjective, for example the issues of why someone may choose to punt, details of actual first experiences and so on. However, there has been considerable feedback on the content of this guide and a clear demand to report and address punter’s, experiences, attitudes and views and also to provide some information regarding punters and providers in general.

Hopefully this section will address the balance and give a broader view of the personal services scene.

Age and Marital Status

During 2004, there were two interesting polls of PboroPlus site members; these albeit self-selecting surveys do serve to address two commonly asked questions regarding those who choose to punt.

The first survey addressed the issue of age amongst punters and the results were as follows:

Age 16-24 - 8%
Age 25-30 - 4%
Age 31-35 - 14%
Age 36-40 - 10%
Age 41-45 - 20%
Age 46-50 - 14%
Age 51-60 - 23%
61+ - 4%

This was from a poll of 69 PboroPlus board members, but it is worthwhile noting that with regard to the results, there is a 10-year increment on the 51-60 age group, hence a larger result.

In addition there was a further poll regarding marital status, again this is from a survey of 41 members on the PboroPlus board in 2004:

Single (always have been)  - 19%
Married                             - 56%
Living with Partner (in sin!)  - 12%
Divorced                            - 7%
Separated                         - 2%
Widower                           - 2%

Hopefully any reader that has got this far through the guide, will be intelligent enough to draw their own conclusions with regard to the results of these two surveys, rather than have them spelt out for you. Clearly, the issue of punting and the ages at which personal services are sought are perhaps not as many people expect "the sole preserve of middle aged men"! However, the information gathered regarding marital status follows more a more "expected" pattern, being mostly married men. It is worthwhile noting however, that there is a significant number of single males too. As mentioned, it is not really necessary to dwell too long on the implications of these particular poll results, but hopefully they will be of interest.

Are you sitting comfortably?

The widespread use of internet has had had an enormous impact on the Personal Services industry, and it would not be unreasonable to conclude that it’s effect on allowing punters to make informed decisions, share opinions and general information regarding personal services and most importantly information about the providers themselves – all with the effective anonymity that the internet provides. It is true too that the internet has allowed providers themselves to advertise at a reasonable cost, provide more information to prospective clients than would usually be affordable through traditional advertising routes such a classified advertisements in local newspapers. However, we are looking to concentrate here on the benefits to the punters. In previous times punting seems to have been something of a "hit and miss" affair, and of course though there remains a huge number of "poor experiences", the fact remains that if a prospective punter does their research carefully, checks reviews on ladies, feedback on message boards and so on. At least you can arrange a meeting with a lady, with a reasonable expectation that neither your time nor your money will be wasted.

The following two Punters experiences compare and contrast quite neatly the experiences before and after the "internet revolution":

"Without the present benefit of internet and sites like this my first punt was a real shot in the dark. After much perusal of contact magazines I settled on a promising, fairly local, lady and made the nervy phone call. I was told to go to a certain phone box and call from there - no mobiles in those days! About 2 hours later I called again and was asked "long or short time". As I was a complete virgin as well as punting virgin, I played it safe and opted for a short time. After receiving directions I walked round the corner to a terraced row of cottages and nervously knocked on the door indicated.

It opened and a head peered round it beckoning me in. Inside the lady was tanned and wearing nothing except a thong. She looked nothing like the picture in the magazine! She said "Give me the money and put your clothes on the chair."

The next few minutes were a complete disaster! She took off the thong and joined me on the bed. Any attempt to touch her was brushed aside. "You said short time". Rubber was pushed onto a limp member and she mounted me and tried to force me into her. Nothing happened! After two minutes I admitted failure, dressed and fled."

The next day I had a bruised member, which, in my ignorance, I suspected, was some sort of infection! After that my punting career could only improve, although it was some time before I tried again!"

That experience dated back a few years, in contrast perhaps things seem to have changed somewhat in recent times, from this account:

"I must admit to never having the slightest interest in meeting a working girl prior to locating a site dedicated to punting in the local area called Camscene. This site somehow piqued my interest, it now no longer exists of course and has been replaced by PboroPlus but was found purely by chance after awfully long periods of idle wandering around the internet looking for all manner of things that caught my interest. Certainly the site itself intrigued the more devilish side of me.

Personally, at the age of thirty, being reasonably good-looking, tall and slim - meeting and dating girls was never an issue nor a massive struggle, but the prospect of meeting a working girl seemed to really be quite exciting, something new and appealed to the "try anything once" side of my nature. So, no tale of an unhappy sexless marriage here I’m afraid! Also it may be of interest to note, that despite being sexually active from about the age of 19, I have never had an enormous sex drive, with an accompanying all consuming urge to fulfil same – certainly punting for me was and still is – simple excitement and pure unadulterated devilment!   

So now the prospect of the whole experience had my full attention, I think the major obstacle then became - fear of the unknown – firstly, "what to expect" and secondly locating a provider who I would find attractive and offer a reliable service. Both these issues were dealt with nicely via the Internet - with a rather long-winded but nonetheless informative "guide to punting" on the original Camscene site and by the reviews and information also on the site.

Basically, I narrowed down my choices and preferences; firstly I did want to Punt in Cambridge, it was a location I knew well and in which I felt both safe and confident (yep, even in the "rougher" parts!). I also felt strongly that the lady should be at or around my own age, (no Oedipus complex here!), and also slim – basically similar to any girl that I would otherwise find attractive in any other circumstances. In addition, having read a fair few reviews and other information on the site, it did seem clear that OWO would be preferential. I thought to myself that bearing in mind the inevitable first-time-with-a-working-girl-nerves, best to keep things simple – and simply expect a bit of massage (however ham-fisted), a bit of a kiss and cuddle and oral to finish. I also concluded that in call would be best, despite having my own place - coupling my nervousness with a new environment I decided that any lady might not be feel so comfortable as simply dealing with a nervous chap on her own turf! If she felt at ease then I had a fighting chance of feeling comfortable too! Anyway, and honestly without wanting to brag - it would not be the first time I had toddled off to some girl’s place having only just met her – so an "alien" environment for me (even given the slightly different nature of the "transaction") – wasn’t so much of a concern. Lastly, I thought it best to try and locate a lady that I could book at short notice, for a "same day" appointment, so I could be sure I definitely had the "urge" and hopefully this prevent a prolonged period of "pre-match" nerves too!     

So I had done the research, worked out what roughly what and who I was looking for, oddly enough I did settle on a lady with mixed reviews, no photo – but with good descriptions in her reviews both on Camscene and Punternet. Having finally plucked up the courage to call, I explained that this would be my first experience with a working girl and agreed an appointment for later that day, so off I went to have a bath and make myself look beautiful (!). I had been told to drive to a set location near to where she was based and call again just before the appointment time for final directions to her nearby flat. All of this worked pretty well, and certainly the lady was as described in the reviews I had read, after an initial chat and exchange of money - we seemed to get on OK, I found her reasonably attractive and so we retired to her bedroom!

Certainly, it was not the most salubrious flat in the nicest area of Cambridge – but I have hung around worse places in my murky past (!) so I felt pretty comfortable albeit as nervous as hell! As expected, a basic, not particularly expert massage was received (the chatting during this did help calm my nerves down), a bit of a kiss and a cuddle, then the required oral on me. As this was my first time with a working girl, I pretty much lay back, relaxed and let the lady "do her thing". In retrospect the oral wasn’t top drawer, but as I have now come to realise from all my experiences as a punter for me, and hopefully not for me only (and certainly nowadays I do try and put in more of an effort to make the lady hopefully enjoy the experience a bit too! – the sex is only half of the punting equation. The key to punting for me is, what only can be described as "the buzz" – that accompanying the whole experiences, the feeling that you are doing something "a bit naughty", the "unknown element" – the anticipation of meeting a lady, generally sight unseen (despite studiously checking for reviews and feedback etc), not knowing really what or who to expect. For me that’s just as big a part of the experience as the sexual element of encounter itself – as I said before – "pure devilment"

Hopefully those two experiences will be of interest, the following are edited accounts of first experiences posted on the message board, and also other reports sent in directly by PboroPlus members:

"My first punt was with a 34 year old lady. Being unaware of Cambscene or Punternet etc (and not being connected to the internet at the time), I got her mobile telephone number from free weekly newspaper listings after scrutinising the adverts closely, so it was a bit hit and miss. I was lucky, to my amazement she lived in a new large modern four-bedroom house; this I found very re-assuring as, in my ignorance, I expected a 'run down' place etc. I was offered 1 hour naturist massage with HR for £40 (2001) and she told me she didn’t 'do sex'. I saw her and her alone at 4 to 6 weekly intervals for 18 months. To cut a long story short £40 progressed to £60, this allowed me to massage her and then after about 12 months to full sex for £120. Sessions became about 75 minutes. I got on very well with her but she left the area and I then had to look elsewhere."

"I'm 34 and started punting - by accident - when I was 28. I was single at the time and for my birthday fancied some pampering, so booked myself for what I thought was a massage. I had no idea that any 'extras' were on offer! Anyway, it wasn't long into the massage that things started to stir down below, and by the time the lady uttered the immortal words (as I lay with stonking hard-on!) "Would you like me to massage that bit too?" I was ready to explode.

I went back several times, and because nothing else was on offer, and I'd originally not been looking for anything extra, I convinced myself it was OK. I carried the same mindset when I eventually started punting properly (firstly from the Sunday Sport - disaster! - then through the Punternet website), and have always managed to separate it from the rest of my life.

I do it out of devilment, the thrill of driving there, maybe meeting someone new. Sometimes the sex has been awesome, sometimes ordinary, always an experience. In the last six years I've had a few relationships; one gave me the best sex I've ever had, but I still punted occasionally for the illicit thrill. I am now in a serious relationship and have no problem differentiating punting from the real world! I don't think there's a problem going out and building normal relationships as long as you can keep punting in perspective."

"Let me tell you about my first attempted punt. I was 18 and still a reluctant virgin. I went down to London on the train one Friday evening. I walked around Soho for hours full of nervousness. Eventually I went up a staircase near one of those "French Model" signs. The maid smiled and welcomed me in – she must have been at least 70! She ushered me into the "operations room". The working girl was about 40, long ginger hair, very care-worn, no front teeth. Maybe a dissatisfied client, or perhaps one blow-job too many! She looked at me in surprise, smiled and said, "Fwee fucka wivva rabber". I turned round, shot down the stairs and ran like hell all the way to King's Cross.

I managed to keep my virginity for another 2 years, and then lost it to my future wife. It was another 30 years before I tried punting again, surprised how much the prices have gone up. I'm still happily married, just making up for what I missed earlier."

So there you have it. Obviously PboroPlus welcomes any further contributions from site members to be added to this section of the guide.

Punting and the art of marital maintenance.

As is stated at the start of the guide, the overriding view in writing this guide are the reasons that you may choose or decline to start visiting working girls are your own. However, it is clear from the feedback received that a number of readers feel that some element needs to be added for the benefit of those punters that are married or in long-term relationships.

Clearly the "issues" concerning this are an honest and genuine concern to some punters, mixing punting with relationships is a complex issue, it opens up a further flurry of moral questions and so on. In fairness to those that may disagree with the authors view, that this guide is, as previously stated, is not intended as some huge, discursive sociological essay on the morals or the innate right’s and wrongs on visiting working girls we can perhaps indulge those views to some extent. 

After all, I might think that you’re all big enough and ugly enough to make your own decisions in life, but the following comments received on the message board may be of interest, what you see here are edited comments from some of the site members concerning the question "Is Punting is less heinous than having an affair?"

"I would imagine we would all agree with that, but then we've all been students of the subject if not masters. The point is more what our respective wives would think if they caught us punting. I'm pretty sure mine would not differentiate! Even if I am able to throw most of my needs back at her deficiencies in this regard. But another factor is possibly that some may punt at least partly just because they can easily get away with it thanks to modern lifestyles, the internet, unregistered phones & email addresses etc..... "

"We're getting into some serious disclosure here. Why do we do it, in spite of the risks? I do it because I love women and have found out rather late in life that my performance and enjoyment depend at least as much on the woman as on my own competence, experience or age.

It gets better all the time. I've just been reading in The Times that men over 50 can normally manage it twice a week at best. Don't you believe it! With the right woman it can be 12 times in 3 days, even for an old sod like me! Punting is a taste of heaven before you go over the other side."

"I think from the female perspective punting could be worse. I think some ladies could understand an affair but to disappear (as they may see it) just for sex to a number of different ladies may be considered more of an insult."

"I think extramarital sex is usually a symptom rather than the underlying cause of marital breakdown. Quite often the trigger though! If you have issues with each other, it's hardly likely you are going to have good sex, and are therefore more likely to go looking for it. You would think that wives would see punting as just looking for better or different sex, whereas an affair is by definition an alternate relationship, & no guarantee of good sex!

I wonder where "adult dating" sites fit, when you're not actually paying for sex (directly)? Oddly enough I rejoined one recently for amusement, not that it has done me any good to date. The sex ratio appears to be about 20 to 1 currently, 600000 men looking for women, & 28000 women looking for men in UK"

"I can see that some wives could actually find it easier to understand an affair with one women rather than accept that the husband basically pays for sexual activity with a variety of ladies."

"I started punting as a 55th birthday present to me. I am happy with all other aspects of my second marriage but wanted some of my fantasies to come true before I was too old to enjoy them. I have been married for 35 years of my life, went straight from marriage number one, through divorce to marriage number 2 and felt there was more to the sexual arena than occasional sex in the missionary position. Keeping punting in a 'secret' compartment of my life adds to the thrill of meeting working girls, keeps me satisfied sexually and happily married"

From the authors perspective, amongst what is hopefully a pretty wide circle of friends (aged around 20-40) there are only two couples, amongst a group of about twenty couples that have got married and have stayed together; thus making the divorce rate in my particular peer group well above the national average I suspect!

Funnily enough, in cases where there have been "affairs", it surprises that quite often these seem to form only one part of the issues directly surrounding the break-up – not the direct, immediate cause, personally I’m surprised how often the "wronged partner", spends an awful lot of time and effort trying to rationalise their partners extra marital "activities". - Still, I’ve never been married, had children etc - so what do I know?

It seems that it is not a black and white issue in my experience, i.e.: "he/she has had an affair therefore we have split up" obviously it does an awful lot of damage, but rarely seems to be the final nail in the "marital coffin".

So, doubtless you would think there would be little differentiation in the eyes of the "wronged" party, should anyone be caught "punting" by their partners, my suggestion is that the key would be that affairs are "easier" to come to terms with. Primarily as affairs are such a relatively common thing (in the media, TV, amongst people’s own peer groups etc) – people do feel they can talk it through with friends, family etc even and the partners themselves. However, "punting" is still strictly speaking a taboo subject in society at large and thus may be far, far more difficult for someone "understand" or "come to terms with".

Anyway, so here we are at the end of the punting guide. Hopefully any reader will have found it interesting, informative and hopefully a little bit entertaining too! Any comments, criticisms and suggestions are very welcome.

"Punters guide to Punting" Written by the Boy M.

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