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Punters guide to Punting
Punting Guide

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Punters guide to punting "Punting Guide" part of Escorts Plus UK escort resources.

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Escorts Plus Punters Guide to Punting

Support And Advice For Escorts

Punters Guide to Punting - Introduction to our Punting Guide

If you are interested in trying what we generally describe as "punting" for the first time, you've hopefully come to the right place. The Escorts Plus guide (Main site) to independent ladies, agencies and parlours should provide you with all the information you need in order to make an informed decision about which escort you may choose to see in the various regions.

In addition, you will hopefully find that the Message Board (Forum-X), unlike many other sites is a pretty friendly and welcoming place. So, if there's anything else you need to know; then it's worth signing up to the message board and asking your question there or indeed feel free to join in the various debates and topics under discussion.

This punters punting guide is designed to accompany all of the above, and to be a brief introduction for new and inexperienced punters, in order to provide a reasonable understanding of the choices on offer especially to the inexperienced punter.

The guide should also offer a basic understanding of the "mechanics" in meeting with a working girl / escort and hopefully help you to get the best out of the punting experience.

The punting guide itself is split into four simple sections:

  • Back to Punting Basics” – An objective and reasonably formal written punters guide to just about everything a new or inexperienced punter might need to know about meeting a working girl or escort.

  • Punting Jargon Buster” - A brief punters guide to commonly used phrases or abbreviations used within punting that you may typically come across. 

  • A Few Punting Anecdotes – Or if you prefer “a yarnin’ and a tellin’ a tale” (as they say in Norfolk when they are not busy hanging people, burning witches or marrying their cousins). - Again obviously, a fairly relaxed punting guide section, although edited to preserve the anonymity of providers and punters alike. This section provides a few first hand accounts of other peoples “first punt experiences" as well as other interesting topics and “titbits” that may be of interest to both new and old punters..

The punting guide is not intended as some huge, discursive sociological essay on the morals or the innate right’s and wrongs on visiting working girls / escorts / prostitutes – that’s simply not for discussion here. Nor is this punting guide designed to give you advice on disguising any such activity from wives, friends, loved one’s, work colleagues and so on – basic common sense should cover that; and there’s always someone on the Forum-X message board that can comment or provide pointers on that topic.

The purpose in writing this is to provide the reader with what is ostensibly a personal view of punting, written by one individual punter for the use and information of others. Save for the latter section, it’s not really meant to be a collective "cut and paste" effort, in order mainly to keep it as cohesive a piece of writing as possible – save of course from the kind comments, suggestions and criticisms from other members of the Forum-X message board.

Ultimately the final content and writing is down to one member to ensure that “it does exactly what is says on the tin” – provide any reader with "A Personal Guide To Personal Services"

Finally and quite simply - the reasons that you may choose or decline to start visiting working girls are your own. This is the same when meeting a working girl; you do need to explain yourself to her, neither she to you.

"Punters guide to Punting" Written by the Boy M.

Punting Guide Sections :
Introduction - Punting Basics - Punting Questions & Answers - Punting Jargon Buster - A Few Punting Anecdotes

Beginners Guide to punting by Mr Camscene

Note: The views in this publication are given without responsibility or liability for any inaccuracy or omission of
fact or opinion of any nature whatsoever on the part of Escorts Plus or its’ associated companies or individuals.

All above content are © of Escorts Plus

Any copy, must be complete and carry full title and footer plus web-links.

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