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Beginners Guide to punting

Support And Advice For Escorts

A Punters Guide To Punting By "theBoyM"

Punting Guide Sections:
Punters Guide Introduction - Punting Basics - Punting Questions & Answers - Punting Jargon Buster - A Few Punting Anecdotes

Beginners Guide to punting by Mr Camscene. - - - Archived : CamScene - - - Swinging & Dogging

All credit to this archived copy of the "Beginners Guide to Punting"must go to our predecessor
Mr CamScene who started a local guide to escorting in our area.

Beginners guide to punting by CamScene archived by Escorts Plus

Keeping it human........ 

Suppose the IBM robotics division came up with a beautiful-looking robot doll, externally perfectly life-like, which you could program to fuck or suck. Would that really satisfy your needs? 

Well, it surely would not do for most of us. Even in a fleeting visit to a working girl -- even if we are in the mood to be fucked silly rather than to make love -- we don't just want an impersonal masturbation machine. We want to make some human sexual contact with a real woman, however momentarily. That's why this Guide emphasizes the personal aspect of these encounters. 

So the Guide's slogan is "Keep it human!"  Respect the girls and treat them well -- and they will very often respond and treat you well. 

Of course, everything that follows is just one take on the paid-sex scene, based on experiences mainly in medium to good quality parlours and good private flats outside London, and also with visiting escorts, and it is colored  by one guy's preferences -- your mileage may very well vary (as they say)! 
Of course, you'll be very lucky indeed if things are particularly good the first few times. And there will always be pretty bad times as well -- women who are just going through the motions, who even try to hurry you out as fast as possible. This Guide will have served its purposes, though, if it helps even just a few people to have a few more experiences of the good sort, and to avoid some of the bad. 

You'll have spotted that the sort of encounters just described are far from a furtive fuck in a car with a street girl (or a in a sordid Soho 'walk-up'). This Guide has nothing to say about the low-rent end of the market, other than basically AVOID! Avoid for your own safety. Avoid if you want a humanly enjoyable encounter. But also avoid for the sake of the frequently exploited, abused women who work the streets etc. This Guide is not starry-eyed: there are a lot of unpleasant people running 'respectable' parlours, and well attested tales e.g. of slimeballs insisting on freebies from young girls before they will take them onto the books of 'respectable' agencies. There are also stories of nice girls working the streets in areas where there are tolerated pick-up areas, who are pimp and drug free. But the rule of thumb for decent newbie punters should be avoid the streets. And be very suspicious too when offered foreign girls in London. Who knows what the detailed facts are, but there is every indication that there are a lot of abused foreign women working under various degrees of duress. 


 It is quite possible, without searching the length of the land, to have wonderful experiences with working girls. Not instant (and instantly forgettable) fucks but erotic moments of real shared pleasure.
"T. is lying back on the bed in a softly lit Victorian bedroom, her legs akimbo; she is now naked but for her suspender belt, stockings and stiletto shoes (a cliche, but on her beautiful gym-firm but rounded young body, still so erotic). My head is between her thighs. She is biting her lip, she catches her breath ... she is almost still: there are no fake moans or cries. But she holds my head tight against her as she comes. Afterwards she lies silent in my arms, squeezing my hand." 

"J. is even younger -- a pretty blonde with a perfect slim figure. She is on her knees in front of a mirror as I take her from behind. She is smiling into my eyes. In one hand, she is holding a vibrator and she is playing it against herself as she is fucked. We are trying to come at the same moment -- and we almost succeed ..." 

"H. and L. are kissing each other, hands gently caressing each other's breasts. Soon I will take L. from behind as she kisses H.'s pussy. But that is to come. For the moment, I enjoy just watching the two girls affectionately at play, turning each other on." 

"P. is standing, leaning forward, her hands resting on a side table. Her nipples are clamped and a chain swings down between them. With one hand, I am frigging her moist pussy. The other holds a paddle -- cushioned on one side, hard on the other. I am striking her perfect behind, mostly with the soft side, but sometimes, without warning, I use the hard side, producing little cries and sighs. But 'no pain, no gain' she says: and later she will come twice." 

Those moments of pleasure were not fantasies -- they are real glimpses into one guy's past encounters.

Escorts / Girls and their clients..........

The Girls 

Who are these working girls you'll encounter in reasonable parlours, or moderately good flats/private houses, or as visiting escorts? 

Outside London (and there's an important warning here about the London scene), they are from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some young girls from the council estates drift in and out of prostitution: but they are certainly not all from "the wrong side of the tracks". There are a lot of single mums who work more consistently. You can understand why -- they can get a big hike in income working a day or two a week, while leaving themselves the time they need to run a home and bring up their kid[s]. 

Quite a few have had -- or continue to have -- some other very 'respectable' employment (I've met trained nurses, beauticians, hairdressers, secretaries, nursery nurses, graduate students, ...). Many are working very part time, a shift or two at a parlour while holding down other jobs. Many start in the business through force of circumstance -- needing to make a quick buck to pay a debt, for example -- and then find they rather like at least the income and the independence that a 'regular' part-time job doesn't give. Quite a few plan to return to the respectable world in due course: and they often do. 

Do leave all your prejudices or assumptions about hookers at the door. You probably won't find a stunning Julia Roberts Pretty Woman in an ordinary parlour or working for a mid-price agency; but you won't find drug-crazed girls earning their next fix either. There are a lot of very nice women out there doing the best they can: treat them respect.

Escorts / More on the girls (women, mature ladies)… 

Girls??? Well, many are young women in their twenties (note, there aren't that many in "respectable" parlours who are really still in their teens). But many other women are rather older -- "mature ladies" in the jargon! 

Youthful looks aren't everything. A pretty young lass who lacks any sexual spark will be much less fun to play with than an older woman who is animated and friendly and just downright sexy. So don't be ageist! Older women can often be in great shape (better shape than you, probably!) and be great fun to be with. They often make up for the absence of the firmest young flesh by being enthusiastic and adventurous. One of my very best experiences ever was with a woman of 39 I'd seen a few times before. This memorable day, she was simply bursting with pride and happiness at being a new grandmother, and we celebrated with a quite terrific session. 

(Do be tactful, though: older women -- or young mums whose figures aren't quite what they were -- have their little tricks to make the best of themselves, like wearing sexy basques or deep suspender belts to hide crinkly tums. So don't embarrass them by immediately asking them to completely strip!)

Escorts do they enjoy it?.. 

And (to ask the question which is raised so very often) do the women -- girls or mature ladies -- actually ever enjoy their work? 

Well, it is hardly likely to be a woman's ideal career choice (though one girl did wistfully say to me that it was the only thing in her life that she'd ever been really, really good at). And "What I most enjoy about clients is spending their money ...", grinned another girl. But the women who survive more than a few weeks in the business have come to some sort of accommodation with the work, and quite a few have decided that (if they are going to do it at all) they might as well positively enjoy at least some aspects of the job. 

So you'll find a good number of women who enjoy being very friendly and chatting on ("It's a funny way of meeting people," one girl said, "but I've got to know some really nice regulars ..."). And there are in fact quite a few who will enjoy the sex, if you give them a chance, and pay attention to their pleasure. Escorts who see just one or two clients a day are much more likely to be prepared to let themselves be aroused than parlour girls who may be seeing eight or more on a busy day. There is a big divide between those working girls who let themselves orgasm with clients and those who don't. But many will -- there are plenty of enthusiastic working girls out there! 

But let's be frank: this is a stressful and (far and away too often) unpleasant job -- the attitude of far too many guys leaves a great deal to be desired. Many girls are unhappy with their situation. You have to be prepared to come across some, especially younger women, who -- perhaps under an initially cheerful veneer -- are pretty sad and mixed up. It's most certainly not happy hookers all the way. There has been more than one occasion when I picked up that the girl was unusually unhappy with the situation, so I just had the massage, gave her a hug, paid her for more, but went on my way. This is very much less likely to happen in the better parlours or agencies which can pick and choose their workers from girls with some experience in the business.

A word of warning about escoarts on the London Scene…  

Outside London, the girls you encounter are almost all relatively local girls (or girls who travel in from neighbouring towns). In London -- by various accounts -- things are different, and there are a lot of foreign girls, some attracted to the serious money that good escorts can make, others imported under false pretenses and working under various amounts of duress, at least at the low-rent end of the market. 

Or so various news reports suggests. As always in this area, it is very difficult to sift fact from fiction, sober reporting from tabloid sensation. But it is safe to assume that there are undoubtedly some seriously unpleasant people around exploiting girls in seriously unpleasant ways. 

So: the best policy must be, avoid outfits that offer foreign girls in London (and remember e.g. that 'Italians', for example, often aren't!). A Guide like this perhaps can't take a very high moral tone. But using abused foreign girls is surely beyond the pale. 

So, the rest of this Guide concentrates on experiences in good-quality parlors/private houses, and with escorts 

 The clients… 

And who are the guys who use the massage parlours and the escorts? Who are you joining when you start playing away from home? A mixed bunch, of course. There are no doubt quite a few losers and misfits and slobs, guys who find it difficult to make it with women in the 'real' world. But there are many, many more regular guys -- I once asked a girl in a nice (discreet but far from extravagant) house in a northern city about who tended to come there: "Oh, business men, doctors from the hospital, and a lot of lawyers," she replied. And at the parlours I've visited with public rooms, the others around (during the day, at any rate) seemed to be mostly middle aged solid citizens. So if you are rather typical in beginning to use working girls as middle age approaches and performance flags, you'll be comforted to know that the girls have seen a lot of people in even worse shape than you, and are far from expecting a youthful stud! 

And most are married! There was some discussion on PunterNet about this a while back -- a newbie saying he'd just started playing, and confessing feelings of guilt. The following reply on the board was pretty typical: 

You may rest assured that you are very much part of the majority here. Guilt is natural, but counterproductive. As long as you are discreet -- and careful (I mean about safe sex!) -- you will be getting what you need, and your marriage can survive. The alternatives are (a) an extramarital affair (not always easy to arrange, and very often comes to a sticky end), (b) abstinence (no thanks!), or (c) trying to force yourself on an unwilling partner. On the whole, our "hobby" seems to most of us the option that provides the best solution all round, causing the least harm to others. So don't get hung up on guilt, just enjoy yourself -- I have had some of the best sex of my life with "les filles de joie", and would recommend this solution to anyone as the ultimate cure for stress, whether caused by work, relationships or... anything at all really! And I agree with the working girls who say they are helping to keep marriages together. So think of your hobby as an investment in your marriage, and stop worrying! 

Maybe those last comments are more than a bit simplistic. But this isn't the place to debate the ethics of marital relations and discuss what can survive deceit. Everyone has their reasons, more or less good, for starting punting; no one supposes that it is an ideal way of carrying on; and everyone has to work out for themselves how visiting working girls fits in the with rest of their lives.

A little more, mostly for the married guys 

Quite a few guys who are married and thinking about starting out seeing girls obsess about getting found out (and yes, most wives/partners would go ballistic if they discover!). But if you are sensible, the chances of discovery are really minimal. Normally law-abiding citizens seem to be plagued by the fantasy that they will step into a parlour for the first time, and just be getting intimate with a young lady, when the door will be broken down and they will find themselves arrested in a police raid. This isn't going to happen to you. The police have much better things to do than turn over well-established, 'respectable' outfits. And on those once-in-a-blue-moon occasions where a parlour gets into trouble with the police, remember clients are committing no offence. Using a parlour is NOT like kerb-crawling which is illegal. No, if there is a realistic chance of discovery, it will come from your carelessness. 

If e.g. you have a massage with talc, and then don't shower afterwards, go back home and climb into the bed with Her Indoors -- well, that's asking for trouble! Have a shower, and leave a very good interval before she can get too close! A massage with baby oil seems to leave less odour in the long run, and the oil soaks in completely after a few hours. (The girls themselves are careful: they seem pretty invariably not to wear heavy perfume that could cling, and they won't use scented massage oil etc. without asking. )

Don't suddenly start bringing home new ideas, and asking the wife to start imitating a nice trick that Samantha has!

Do always practice safe sex when you play away from home

Don't be an idiot and e.g leave the local paper open at the massage adverts under the seat of the car, or the torn-out column of adverts in a pocket (guess who once did that!).

A bit of planning and a bit of care can avoid a lot of upset and heartache! But perhaps the most important thing to consider before you start out is that (1) there is a good chance that once you begin seeing girls you'll get hooked and you'll be seeing girls more or less regularly. As someone put it on PunterNet 

Funny thing that "urge" to punt again after a week or two. It's just like being a drug addict, that anticipation of trying someone new, will they match the description , will they they be that kind of girl that you want to go back to time and time again? The thrill starts with the phone call, then the nervous anticipation when you arrive, then that moment when, if she has a maid, when the door opens and you see her for the first time!. WOW ! or ... Blow me I've made a mistake here!. 

So (2) you need some separate funds that can be kept apart from the family coffers! If you can't manage this, then it really is best not to start!

Almost ready ... 

The reviews are really promising, the girl still sounds as enticing when the receptionist or the agency describes her (even allowing for the exaggerations), the price is right. 

But it remains pretty much a matter of luck if it all works out. Maybe a girl others enthuse over simply won't turn you on; or maybe, for whatever reason, she doesn't warm to you. Anyway, you may just not click. 

Sexual encounters with working girls are like sex with other girls. A girl can initially seem physically very attractive, and to have a bubbly personality, yet once you get down to business, there's no real excitement there. Despite her apparent friendliness, it is all a bit mechanical and routine (maybe you sense you are just another guy on the production line and she just wants it to be over). Another girl can initially seem quite ordinary, rather quiet, and yet (for whatever hidden reason) the sex can work wonderfully well, and she manages to make you feel that, at least for half an hour, she likes you and wants to give you a good time.

That's the way it goes! The unpredictability is part of the fun

 Illegalities, scams and rip-offs..... 

You are not doing anything illegal in visiting an independent girl or having an escort visit. It is not illegal for a girl, working by herself (or with a receptionist) to offer sex for sale. But where two or three are gathered together for the same purposes, it is technically a brothel -- and that's not permitted. So what goes on at many massage parlours and saunas is strictly speaking illegal (unless the pretence is that the managements don't know what the girls get up to in the private rooms -- a likely story!).

But in the areas where there are parlours (rather than private houses), there is often police tolerance of places which do not make a nuisance of themselves to their neighbours, become centres of drug use etc. 

So the illegality of what goes on at many parlours is, at one level, unlikely to affect the ordinary punter. However, the fact that parlours operate on the shady side of the law means that there can be some pretty unsavoury types in the background, running the show. A number of good places are run by women (a few as co-operatives, more by business-minded ex working girls). Though some of the best reports I've had from girls about their treatment are about places run by men (including one guy who insisted on cooking the girls a square meal during their shift!). It is worth asking the girl you are seeing at a new place whether it is a good place to work: if you pick up bad vibes, do give the place a miss. Places that badly exploit girls or treat them badly should go out of business. 

As noted before, the situation in the low-rent end of the London market involves the serious abuse of foreign girls: decent punters will avoid like the plague. 

It is not entirely unknown in down-market private flats for the receptionist to promise a luscious young blonde over the phone, only for you to arrive to be presented with someone utterly different (and a feeble excuse). Rule: do not part with any money in an unfamiliar private place before meeting the woman you will be seeing. And be prepared to politely but firmly decline and leave. 

Occasionally, punters complain that they pay a girl up front for "extras" which are not delivered. For example, I've heard more than once of someone paying for anal sex, and then being told when it comes to the crucial moment that they are "too big". Which could be true -- or could be a neat deception (how many are going to complain when told that!?). So again, perhaps be a bit cautious about shelling out for expensive extras to an unfamiliar girl in an unfamiliar place. 

But in fact, you should be quite safe from such scams and ripoffs if you stick to the better parlours, established and recommended houses/flats, and good agencies. After all, these are businesses which need repeat custom. And the girls often do like to think of themselves as offering a good honest service. 

So .... down to business!

The main 'advice' part of the Guide then follows: 

What is on offer? ............ 

Safety first 

So you are off to the parlour, or the girl of your choice is on her way from the agency. 

Play safely! -- In fact you shouldn't have much choice in the matter. Girls who work in reasonable places want to keep themselves healthy and clean. After all, if you get some 'ordinary' STD, it may be a nuisance, or very deeply embarrassing to explain at home -- but for the working girl it can be a financial disaster. 

So, it's certainly condoms for penetration, and mostly for oral sex as well. Some girls are extremely adept at putting on condoms -- others (even 'mature ladies') cheerfully admit to be no good at it! Don't be surprised if you have to help roll it on! 

If a girl gives "oral without" (a condom), more common among escorts, you do inevitably run the risk of STDs -- but so long as you don't have a sore or cut on your penis, the risk of getting HIV is minimal. What about going down on a girl? -- a very few use a kind of cling film protection; but that seems to be fairly killing of the experience both ways. Unprotected oral on a girl is not going to be fatal (it is not thought that HIV can be readily transmitted that way); there are risks of other STDs -- but probably not much worse than from a casual lover, as a working girl will usually be having very regular check-ups. 

There's no getting away from it: unprotected oral sex either way is risky (though not that risky with non-street girls). If you are married or have a regular sexual partner, then your attitude to these risks perhaps should be different from that of a single guy. 

On a different kind of safety matter: there are a very few tales of people having wallets rifled by visiting escorts -- but in a regular parlour (especially one aiming for mostly local, repeat custom), you can be pretty secure. But to be on the safe side, just go with as much cash as you need, plus some more for extras or tips, and leave the credit cards safely elsewhere. 

Where to go? Parlours?


If you visit a massage parlour/sauna you can phone before to find which girls are working that day and maybe book a session with one who sounds particularly appealing (but booking is often not necessary ­ and even if you have booked, times are often treated rather flexibly, because so very many men who make an appointment fail to show, so places often double-book to compensate). When you enter, you will probably be introduced to the girls who aren't working at that moment (and be told about any others), and you can select the girl you prefer then. 

If the parlour accepts credit cards, you can leave a card at the desk, and then settle up when you retrieve it as you leave. You will usually be asked to pay a basic fee to the parlour (10 to 20 pounds is the normal range for use of the facilities and a basic -- though maybe very basic --- massage). 

If it is your first visit to the place, someone will usually take you around, show you where to change etc. It's quite common to have a communal changing room with lockers (like a swimming pool): you may be given a wrap or large towel, and a bag to keep your valuables in. Take a shower; then you can often relax in a television room (which may or may not be showing adult movies), read a men's mag or two (maybe porn, maybe not); or perhaps you will jump in a big jacuzzi, or have a sauna if that's your thing (certainly not compulsory, even in a place that is officially a 'sauna suite'!). 

Visiting 'escorts'… 

Agencies, and some independent girls, offer 'outcall' services, where the girl comes out to visit you, in a hotel, at your home (or even office!). These services can be quite a bit more expensive than 'incalls' when you visit the girl (for example, £60 might get you a very enjoyable long relaxed session of 3/4 hr or so in a parlour, while £120 for an hour's visit is typical outside London, as you are usually also paying for a driver). 

Different agencies have different modes of procedure. For example, they may ask what you ideally want, and then get a suitable girl to phone you (and if you don't like what you hear, then further girls will phone). If you are asking for a home visit, rather than a hotel visit, then for the girl's security they may well require your real land-line number rather than a mobile number, and will phone back while the girl is on her way. Note, to keep agencies on the right side of the law, the fee paid is deemed to be for the girl's time -- any sexual encounter is supposed to be non-commercial, freely entered into by consenting adults. In theory this could mean that you could pay for the girl's time -- and then nothing exciting occurs! But it won't happen with a well-established agency! 

By the way, do be ready to give very clear directions to find you!! 

It is up to you to make a nice ambience (and that can make a real difference -- putting the girl at ease). Try a tidy room, candlelight, soft music, some nice wine -- or a rug outside in a private garden on a summer's afternoon, and chilled bubbly. Make an effort! 

Parlours/Private flats

So you are thinking about playing. Where to go? If you are avoiding street girls and Soho "walk ups" (and to hammer away at the same point, you certainly should--the girls may very well be working involuntarily for a pimp or to sustain a drug habit or are foreign girls working under duress), the choice is between a lady working from (1) a private house or flat, (2) a more public parlour or sauna, or (3) having a lady visit you . What you choose will depend a bit on what you want. 

There is a standard script that will govern your experiences at least in your first encounter or two with a new girl. In a parlour, after a possibly desultory massage, you will be typically offered 

"hand relief" (what it says, usually with the girl at least topless, and maybe quite naked). Note, in some London parlours, this may be all that is on offer.

"oral" (almost always with a condom). A few girls who happily offer other services will not offer oral: well, are you sure you would like a mouthful of condom latex??

"sex" (i.e. intercourse with a condom). Sometimes "sex" includes "oral"; sometimes they are offered as alternatives at one price, and the combination ("full service") is charged at a higher rate.

And typically the price is for the act -- if it is all over very quickly, because you are over-excited, then that's it! (A parlour girl, by the way, does not normally kiss.) 

In due course, the girl of your choice will come through and take you off to one of the 'treatment rooms'. [Note though, many parlours have few "public" facilities, and you may often be shown straight to a private room.] In a parlour, the rooms will as often as not be equipped with massage tables: sometimes there is a private jacuzzi bath in the corner. The girl may initially be in a white overall, but she'll usually quickly remove the overall down to her underwear while giving you your massage. Up onto the table (face down!), and with any luck, you may get a decent back massage for some length of time. Eventually the girl will ask you to turn over (though if she's good, then say you are really enjoying the back massage, and you'd like another few minutes of that). And if she hasn't already offered additional services, then this is the moment. 

Narrow massage tables are a tad limiting, though, for more than lying back to enjoy an oral treat. But she'll be used to riding her clients as they lay on the table (and that way, you don't have to do the balancing act!). Or she may suggest other comfortable positions: for example, if you are the right heights, the girl can lean over the table, as you fuck her standing up from behind. Afterwards, you can have another shower, have a sauna, or whatever, if you want to (in a place with "public" facilities you won't usually be hurried out). 

As a beginner, you might feel a bit shy about "going public" at a parlour -- but there is absolutely no need. The more up-market parlours are usually very relaxed and comfortable places. You can select your girl and the facilities are likely to be better. On the other hand, a well-recommended private house may offer some particularly attractive girls (as many girls prefer to work in these more discreet surroundings) 

Girls who work in private houses usually offer a service more like a parlour girl than an escort. 

Where to go? Private?

Here then is a typical scenario at a private place ... You will normally have to phone ahead, when you can ask more about the girl who is working, and then book a definite time (1/2, 3/4 or 1 hour slots are usual). One thing that a private house/flat offers is an element of discretion -- i.e. they usually try to arrange things so you don't bump into other punters. And do be discreet yourself. Do take careful note of how to find the house/flat -- you don't want to be banging on the wrong door. Follow the lady's instructions carefully. 

Some girls work entirely alone, but often there is a receptionist (so even if she is young and attractive, don't assume that the woman who opens the door is the one you'll be seeing!). When you go in, you may meet the girl straight away. If you think that you have made a mistake booking her, then now's the time to say so, apologize in a friendly but firm way, and make your exit. If the girl isn't ready, you often can sit and chat with the receptionist (can be fun!). Otherwise, you will be shown to a bedroom -- often comfortable, dimly lit, with strategically placed mirrors. Note, there may be a 'door fee' (maybe £10 or so) to be paid. 

There should be a shower (though typically a pathetically poor one, and far too often non-existent!), but usually the facilities are not that extensive -- e.g. it is very unusual for a private house to have a spa bath/jacuzzi. If you want a quick shower first, say so: otherwise you will typically be left to 'make yourself comfortable' (e.g. remove coat, jacket, tie ...), and the girl will join you in a few minutes. You are perhaps rather less likely to get a decent massage at a private house than at a parlour, and it's more likely that the girl will immediately ask what 'personal services' you'd like (and she may well ask for the appropriate money up front -- and then briefly leave to take the money back to the receptionist while you finish getting undressed). She'll normally be absolutely straight about what she offers. 

Afterwards, you should be able to use the shower if there is one, but you'll need then to leave very promptly. 

What is on offer? Escorts

By contrast to a parlour girl, a visiting escort usually charges for her time, and within reason will not limit herself to making you come just the once within the booked period. She will often aim to offer more of a "girl friend" type experience. E.g,. she is rather more likely to offer 

More extended friendly chat (yes, I know that's not what you are mainly seeing her for! -- but it makes for a more intimate atmosphere!)

Kissing (though very probably not down-your-throat tongue-wrestling)

A BBBJ [= bare backed blow job, oral without a condom], perhaps even allowing you to come in her mouth

Cuddling and not rushing off after the main event.

An escort, who may only be seeing a few clients a week, is also quite a bit more likely to let herself get into the spirit of the occasion and orgasm (if treated well!).

An escort is also more likely to be happy to play various kinds of games ...!

As said before, girls who work in private houses usually offer a service more like a parlour girl than an escort. But there is considerable variation. And there are regional differences -- in a northern city like Sheffield (for example) there is a very small escort scene, and the nicer houses and parlours offer very attractive girls who may give some something approaching an escort-quality service. Down South, by contrast a parlour experience tends to be very much more impersonal, and depending on area you may need to see a escort to have even an 'average' experience. But there are exceptions to every rule!

Choosing places and girls.......

No rush!... 

A key point! Judging from experience, reports on PunterNet, and discussions on message boards, what we all really, really hate is being rushed (worst of all, when there is the knock on the door announcing "time's almost up" before business is satisfactorily concluded). And most of us really like it if the girl has time to cuddle up a bit after the main event, rather than have to jump up immediately and bustle about. 

Parlours and houses vary considerably; some girls (or more often, receptionists) are stern clock watchers, others places will explicitly say "we have a no rush policy". For a relaxed time, with an opportunity to chat to the girl and relax afterwards you really need 3/4 hour minimum -- though an officially half-an-hour slot in a quiet period can be stretched enough. Escorts usually offer minimum visits of one hour -- but since the event will probably start more slowly with more chatting, the amount of sexual activity will be comparable with a 3/4 parlour sessions. 

If a place has a room or two with a private jacuzzi, it's nice to book one and a girl who will share a bath with you (though you need to check: some girls have sensitive skin which means they can't keep jumping in and out of the water). Bathing together is a nice way of establishing a bit of intimacy and a relaxed mood. 

That first phone call…

OK, so you've narrowed it down to two or three likely places: time to pick up the phone (we'll assume for a couple of pages that you are going to be visiting a parlour or a flat). Girls in parlours usually work fairly long shifts a couple of days a week -- e.g. 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. is typical. If she is popular a girl is understandably likely to be quite tired in the late afternoon. The chances are that you will be looked after better earlier in the day, when places are often much quieter anyway and the chances of being rushed are less. So phone early! 

The receptionist will be cautious on the phone: 'Hello, how can I help?' is the usual response. And you too should be discreet. You can say something like 'Hi: I've seen your advert, but I haven't visited you before -- I wonder if you can tell me something about the girls who are working today and what they offer.' 

The receptionist will have a little spiel -- and not to beat about the bush, she'll lie! Or at any rate, she'll use a pretty universal code of exaggeration. So, for example, '19' nearly always means early to mid twenties, '22' means later twenties, '27' means mid thirties, and '29' can mean anything! Again, 'slim' means 'not particularly plump', 'dress size 10' means about size 12, 'very pretty' means reasonable looking, '36DD' can mean '36B' and so on and so forth. Ridiculous, but nearly all receptionists do it, though some are worse than others. Of course, that means they are often a bit stumped for what to say if a girl really is gorgeously pretty, or has a perfect figure -- but they usually manage to get that across somehow! 

Usually, if it is your first contact with the place, the receptionist will be reluctant to describe in further detail what the girl offers (this is apparently particularly the case with London parlours, which can be ultra cagey until you are actually in the room with the girl). But you can try asking 'Can you tell me what typical prices are?' and if you are offered a range such as '£40 to £70' it is reasonable to assume that the lower figure will get you a massage and hand-relief, the upper figure will get you the fully monty (sometimes euphemisms like "fully pampered service" will be used). But note, there's an important distinction that cuts across the flat/parlour distinction: 

As noted before, most parlours (and many girls working from private flats), charge for the activity -- for example, "straight sex" is £50. And that means if you rather rapidly proceed to intercourse and come quickly, then you've had what you paid for, and that's pretty much that. Out you go!

Some girls, some places (and pretty much all escorts) charge for the time -- and whatever you can get up to in that time (within reason) is included. So, for example, if you are young and energetic or older but chemically enhanced and can come twice in an hour, then that's just fine. Usually a preferable arrangement.

The receptionist ought to make it clear which regime the place operates, and also about how long you .typically get to spend with the girl. 

Two more points: Do try to be brisk and brief (you'd be surprised how many wankers phone up parlours for the thrill -- you don't want to be confused with one of them!). But if you are nervous because this is your very first time, say so if the voice at the other end sounds friendly. A place worth visiting will try to make beginners comfortable 

If you are phoning a private house, it is well worth checking on the facilities, .e.g. 'You do have shower facilities, don't you?' (even if a place normally has a shower, for example, it is surprising how often it is out of order!). If you've just had an oily massage and a good sweaty fuck, you probably don't want to have to get dressed without showering. 

Suppose you like what you hear so you book an appointment (or say you'll visit the parlour a bit later). If it is a girl working out of a private house, and the appointment is for later in the day, you may well be asked to confirm the appointment by phoning again nearer the time, and you may well not be given the exact address until you confirm. 

Phoning escorts…

What about phoning escort agencies, or an independent escort?

The routine can vary: as noted before, some agencies will tell you who you they working on the day, and you make your choice from the description offered. Other agencies ask in general terms the kind of girl you fancy seeing, and ask a girl to phone you to discuss further arrangements (or a sequence of girls, until you find one you like the sound of). Do, at appropriate moments, be direct -- though not crude -- about what you want. For example, if a girl who does OWO is (for you) a top priority, then you should say so. 

And again to repeat what was said before, you will be typically asked, for the girls' security, for a land-line phone number (or hotel room number, etc.). Be prepared, of course, to give clear directions for meeting up. 

If you book time with a parlour girl, and don't like what you see when you get there, then it is relatively easy to retreat from the situation with reasonably good grace. If a girl has come to your home or a hotel/motel, and you really don't like what you see (e.g. feel the agency have been very misleading about her age/looks) then it can be more problematic. She may have been dropped off by a driver who is then proceeding to deliver another agency girl and can't get back much before the originally planned hour's date is up. You certainly don't want to get into this situation as a newbie punter, so it is perhaps even more sensible than on other occasions to make use of other people's reports and reviews (e.g. on PunterNet). However, agencies increasingly have web-sites which will have photos of the girls on their books which will give you a better idea than a phone description. And a well-established agency which has been around for some time and cares about its reputation and depends on getting a lot of repeat business should be able to respond to a phone call frankly admitting that it is your first time (more or less) with an escort girl, and be able to make sensible recommendations. 

When the girl arrives she'll often be nervous (even if she hides it well!). She is off her home territory, not in the safety of a parlour with other people around, and doesn't know what to expect. So make her welcome in a friendly, relaxed, and confidence-inspiring way. And it may help if quite early on, you courteously and without fuss hand her an envelope with her fee. With a parlour girl, you'd get quickly undressed and straight into the massage. With a visiting escort the 'script' for the occasion is typically rather different -- you should be prepared to sit and chat for a while over a glass of wine (for example) for ten minutes before making a move. If she has come to your home, don't immediately go upstairs to the bedroom (if that is the planned scene of the action). 

And the first moves should be more like making out with a girl-friend -- go to sit next to her on the sofa, put your arm around her and so on. Of course, you both know what she is there for, but many escorts seem to like to preserve an illusion that she is not just crudely selling a fuck. This can make for a really nice experience if you do indeed begin to hit it off -- though it can get awkward, if you find you are not so comfortable with each other. 

As noted before, many escorts offer more by the way of a "girl-friend" type experience than typical parlour girls -- meaning that they will much more often kiss and cuddle. And normally you are paying for their time: if you can make it twice in the hour (or whatever you have paid for) then that's normally all included. 

The general opinion seems to be that there is only a fairly weak correlation between price and quality of the experience with working girls (at least once you are into the middle ranges). And this applies to escorts in particular. Some relatively inexpensive sessions can be with very nice, sensual girls (who perhaps don't work a great deal, and like to enjoy themselves when they do); some more expensive girls in London particularly can be more glamorous, but offer a more packaged experience. 

You can of course book an escort for a whole evening, or overnight, wining and dining her. But long sessions do get very expensive -- they can pay for many visits to a favourite regular (and with a parlour girl you see regularly, you may well still end up having very good "girl-friend sex" too, and having had a lot more fun along the way to getting to know her!). 

A final general point. The differences between e.g. visiting an 'independent' girl in her flat and having her sister visit you can get quite vague (some girls in fact work in both ways). And similarly the boundaries between parlours and private houses can get pretty blurred too. Comments in the last few pages are just general indications.

 Starting out..... 

Starting out clean, with a GSOH

... and a bit of flattery 

So you are now alone with the girl of your choice. (And you are clean, aren't you?! -- deep down clean? under-the-foreskin clean?? really, really clean??? Sorry to mention it, but the girls HATE it if you aren't, and lack of cleanliness is a real turn off for them. So even if you didn't need a full shower first, best to have popped to the bathroom to give the old fellow a quick but careful wash!!) 

Nothing helps the occasion along as much as a relaxed, humorous approach to the whole (rather daft!) business of sex. Most girls understandably really dislike it when someone is taciturn, bangs away in silence, and leaves. And if you seem very uncomfortable, that will make them uncomfortable. Talk about this and that. Talk about yourself. But don't immediately start talking in over-intimate ways -- you do NOT ask about the girl's personal life unless she volunteers info. And you don't have to chatter through the sex itself! But before and after, e.g. during the massage, do try to be friendly, interested. If you can make a girl laugh, then she'll relax and feel more comfortable with you. And while you are still a beginner at this scene, say so -- with a big, frank smile. 

And a bit of flattery of the girl always goes down well! Working girls are no different from other women: even quite lovely girls are rarely really happy with the way their bodies look. So no one is going to complain about a heartfelt 'Wow, you're gorgeous' as she undresses: and if she's not exactly gorgeous, she'll often have some really nice features -- pretty eyes, wonderful legs etc. -- which you can honestly praise in a genuine way. (As you would with a girlfriend; so don't be coarse, don't leer!) Given the number of girls, who seem genuinely pleased -- and even go a bit giggly and shy -- when frankly admired, it seems that punters don't express their appreciation of the girls often enough! 

But despite your best efforts at relaxed humour and flattery, some women will stay switched off and remote (at least with you!) -- sadly, you can't win them all!

Massaging and bathing 

It should be said ... 

One thing that you'll get relatively infrequently from a massage girl is a real massage! 

Few have any real expertise or training, and most just run their hands over you in a fairly aimless way -- which can be quite nice, but is not a patch on the real thing. And some girls with certificates on the wall are pretty useless too! So it is worth asking the receptionist if any girl is actually any good at giving a real massage. 

Getting a real massage can be a delight. I can recall some occasions where I've had a long massage from an expert and very pretty naked girl -- very naturally moving on at the end into an oily hand relief as she stood by the table smiling into my eyes, my hand caressing her butt -- which was overall much more satisfying than many a 'full service'. 

So ask, and you might receive! 

Or alternatively, another relaxing start to a session -- see if you can share a bath or a shower! 

Sexual services….

 The moment of truth. What sexual services does she offer? We've already notede the standard options:

 "hand relief"

"oral" (usually with a condom, but sometimes without from visiting escorts)

"sex" (i.e. intercourse with a condom).

The prices in any well-run place will be in line with the guide-prices quoted on the phone by the receptionist: and if they are, then you do not, repeat NOT, haggle. 

And now the time has come. If you are a beginner, you can just let the girl take the lead -- there's a lot to be said for asking for a long slow oral the first couple of times, you can just lie back and enjoy it! If you opt for sex, then ask what positions she prefers -- a working girl (like any other woman) often has decided preferences, and it will all go better if you fit in with one of her preferences. Working girls are as sexually complicated as everyone else (e.g. you!). Every girl is different -- has her own sexual style, her own likes and dislikes. Try to match her responses, and enjoy the variety! 

If a girl indicates she doesn't want to perform some act (or even if she just gently pushes away a straying hand), never, NEVER, question it. Just respect her limits, enjoy whatever she does offer -- remember, there will always be another girl who sets her limits differently, and offers other things! 

Note that these basic options, including "sex", almost never allow mouth kissing with parlour girls (it is very different with escorts, many of whom do kiss) -- and they often don't allow inserting fingers in her pussy or other intimacies either. Mild fondling and stroking, kissing of boobs etc. is usually allowed, and perhaps stroking her pussy without penetration. More intimate contacts can be 'extras'. Be gentle: just grabbing bits of her won't turn her on at all! 

If you have opted for sex, but find in the event that you can't come that way (a frequent occurrence, it seems), then it is perfectly in order to ask for the girl to finish you off orally (if you've paid for that as well) or by hand. 

(A common complaint in Field Reports on PunterNet is that the girl is unresponsive. It may be that you two just don't hit it off. It may be, of course, that the poor woman has just been vigorously fucked four times already and is getting a bit weary. But sometimes it seems that the girl simply hasn't been given much to respond to ...! If you can make human contact, talking and laughing together, and if you can then make the time to establish physical intimacy, touching and caressing, before leaping on her, then your chances of a great lay will be much improved!) 

Getting intimate ...

You begin to look forward to seeing her again, rather than just looking forward to the sex. You are getting fond of the girl. Now what? 

Well, every case is different -- and these relationships can develop in various ways, and there's not much to be said in general. But here's one guy's two pennyworth (some learnt the hard way!): 

Many girls deal with the stresses and tensions of selling their bodies for money by compartmentalizing their lives quite radically. Rachel at home is one person, "Samantha" at work is someone else. And such girls can get upset and disturbed when boundaries are crossed. Do understand and be very careful to respect that. ("For example, one girl I know will very happily engage in sexy banter if I phone her at work, likes to hear that I can't wait to fool around with her again, and about what I'd like to do with her; but if I phone her mobile on another day to check that she's OK, then the conversational tone has strictly to be that of 'just good friends'.")

So don't be surprised if a working girl declines to meet up for a drink or a meal, even if she is unattached. It may seem a very natural and fun progression to you, but to her it can involve crossing difficult boundaries. (Refusal doesn't mean that she doesn't genuinely like you!).

Equally, if she does agree to meet up, be understanding of any awkwardness or reserve as she works out how she wants to relate to the new situation.

The manageress of a good agency told me that each of her girls had at least one regular who is rather too fond of her -- and it makes the girls a little uncomfortable. So you must try to keep things light and relaxed (even if secretly you are very smitten!),

Remember that you probably aren't the only pebble on the beach -- a nice girl probably has two or three other favourite regulars!

Being a 'sugar daddy' can get expensive ...! And don't presume that even expensive presents betweeen visits lets you off paying when you next see her!

In short, take things slowly, be tactful, and respect her boundaries. And be careful! Are you sure she's not just taking you for a mug? (read this!) And be very careful that she doesn't get too dependent on you. It can happen! 


I've given indications as we've gone through of the kind of rates you'll have to pay. They vary a lot from region to region, but outside London, a visit from an escort will cost you typically £100 to £120 for the first hour, a little less for subsequent hours. A visit to a parlour can be as little as £30 for half-an-hour's "full service" in some northern cities, more like £60 for half an hour as your go south. Even within a town, there can be significant variations and the price/quality correlation is often weak, though you tend to get what you pay for. To repeat, you do not haggle! 

From time to time, discussion breaks out on PunterNet about what girls make. An independent escort with a good clientele, working three weeks out of four (think about it!) may well make £2K - £3K a month. But a girl working for an agency will get a lot less (a common split for £120 visit is that the girl gets £65, the agency and driver £55), and agency girls unlike independent escorts tend to have short one-hour appointments, and may only work a few shifts a week. 

Young girls in average parlours in big cities can be earning very little in a week (they are all on the dole!). They can be sitting idle a lot of the time and may often go home with less than £50 at the end of the day, maybe nothing at all on a quiet Tuesday after Christmas. Remember that probably not much more than half of what you pay in all goes to the girl (the girls have to pay the parlour a levy of so-much per client seen), and remember too the girl is probably only working two shifts a week. 

So with a parlour girl in particular, if you feel that you've had a reasonably good time, do tip! It's nice to give her (say) £5, and if it was especially good £10. Tips can significantly increase her take-home pay for the day. Don't be a cheapskate! (And if you plan to revisit the girl, she'll probably remember it, and be that bit friendlier the next time.) 

With escorts, a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine is always appreciated! 

Things have not gone well?... 

The awkwardness thing You've been awkward, unrelaxed -- so those first encounters haven't gone too well. That happens to quite a few, maybe most of us-- but you'll soon get the hang of how to make things go better. And don't be shy of returning to a girl you fancied, even if you did make a bit of a hash of it the first time with her: just frankly smile and say "It's really lovely to see you again; let's see if I can do a bit better this time!"  

The guilt thing. From time to time, discussions on the PunterNet message board and elsewhere suggest that some newbies get horribly guilt-ridden, in a way that stops them enjoying encounters. Well, If you haven't a partner at home, lighten up, relax and enjoy! If you do have a partner, then a bit of guilt is probably to be expected. But there is a lot worse you can do than having an hour of non-committal sex-for-fun (like rocking a marriage by embarking on an affair). Still, if the guilt thing is spoiling your enjoyment, that suggests that you are just going to have to put the effort into sorting out the sexual problems with your partner that are making you stray!

The wanting the moon thing. Reading PunterNet reports etc. can give you unrealistic expectations -- you read that there are stunningly pretty girls out there (which there are!), you learn that there are girls who might actually enjoy acting out your favourite fantasy like taking a cum facial, being sodomized, or whatever (which there are!). And that makes you dissatisfied with an averagely attractive woman offering "straight" sex. But it's crazy to let fantasy get in the way of spoiling reality. If you encounter a friendly, attractive, willing woman you hit it off with, enjoy what she has to offer . There's always another day, another place where dreams may come true. Relish the "good ordinary fuck" when you can get it! 

Plain bad luck. Remember those kids' games where you had to roll a six with a dice before you could start -- and sometimes it took bloody ages to get on the board? Let's say it's a one-in-six chance that you hit it off very well with a girl -- well, you may have to roll the dice for some time before the six comes up! And even if it is a 50/50 shot that you'll be able to have an unmemorable but OK time in you follow the advice in this Guide and chose well using Punternet rports, it can still take a few throws before the coin lands heads for you. Keep trying! 

Problems, problems. If you've had problems enjoying sex with other women, then it is very unlikely that seeing working girls is going to solve anything -- disappointing first encounters will be followed by even more disappointing further encounters. A doctor writes: Sure it is difficult to take the plunge, but seek help -- a sympathetic GP should be able to point you in the right direction. 

Be careful! Don't get too taken in ...

From a recent PunterNet post (by "Woody Woodpecker") Some basic questions you can ask yourself might help establish the likelihood of whether what is developing is a potential relationship or something disturbing. 

Are you wealthy (or dress/appear/talk in a way that would make the girl think you are wealthy)?

Are you significantly older than the girl?

Are you ordinary in looks (be honest)?

Are you overweight?

Do you have any reason to suppose the girl might take drugs?

Is this the first time a girl has, in unusual circumstances, suddenly fallen for you?

Have you suddenly fallen for a girl in this same way quite a few times before?

Are you on the re-bound?

Would other people call you emotionally vulnerable?

You have another phone number from her, but has she kept her real living address from you?

Are there any little discrepancies or contradictions in what she tells you (think hard, and keep a mental note of what she tells you about herself)?

The more "yesses" above, the worse the prognosis, (especially the last question). I say this because some WG's are very smart at touching people's soft spots to insinuate themselves into a client's life - and his wallet. On the other hand, a relationship with a WG can work. I met a WG, we talked a lot and fell in love. She moved in with me, gradually wound down her work (I didn't mind her work, but it just became irrelevant to her and me, and we didn't need the money). We married, had 3 kids and then, sadly, she died of cancer 3 years ago. 

So it can work, but my relationship with my wife was regarded by nearly all her WG friends as a complete exception (and my wife's stories of how some girls took advantage of punters is pretty shocking).

'First time' stories........

 My first paid sex…. 

I'd been more and more tempted by all those adverts in the local paper for some years. Eventually I plucked up courage to phone one of the more enticing adverts. And purely by luck, I happened upon the place in town, which is still there, and extremely comfortable and discreet, and at that time (at any rate) had a number of really nice girls. So less than an hour later, I'm being led upstairs by Kitty -- short blonde hair, mid thirties, I guess (but that's still younger than me!). She is wearing a long clingy black dress, and I'm very conscious of her terrific legs, as I walk upstairs behind her. 

At that time, the house had a massage table in the main bedroom, rather than a bed. So it's up on the table. Kitty asks what I want -- and I opt for just the massage and hand relief. 'Well, it's warm in here,' she said. 'Let me get more comfortable'. And so saying, she pulls the dress over her head in one movement -- and she is there, quite naked, in her heels. Tanned, taut body; quite small but nicely shaped breasts, beautiful bum. Wow! 

Kitty massages my back for a while -- worried about leaving tell-tale signs, I'd opted for a massage without oil or talc (I soon learnt better!) -- and she chats on in friendly, relaxed way. I confess that it is my first time at a place like this, so she says she'll try to make it a memorable one. A bit later, she turns me over, and leans over to let me kiss her boobs and suck her nipples. Hell, this is GREAT. And then it comes to the moment of truth: I ask her to suck me off instead of a mere hand-job. Which she does. I come very quickly, of course. And I guess I'm out of the place in not much more than twenty minutes in all. But Kitty was terrific. 'Come back very soon, and we'll make it last a lot longer next time.' 

But it was quite a while before I saw Kitty again, for she moved on just after my first visit, while I was still sampling the other girls there. However, a couple of years later, I was chatting to a regular there about my first ever time, and the girl happened to know where Kitty was now working. So a couple of days later, I paid her a visit. She didn't really remember me, of course, but she was just as nice. So we had that promised much longer session, sharing a long bath, and a long, oily, sensuous two-way massage; and I was able to thank her for being so sweet that first time by going down on her and giving her an intense orgasm. Fondly remembered!


Geronimo's first time… 

My first time was with a girl called Emma. I was living in a block of flats at the time, where I asked her to visit ... I was nervous as hell ... I made the booking 2 hours in advance, and spent the 2 hours mostly going to the toilet and pacing around the flat. 

About 10 minutes after the arranged time, there was a knock on my door ... it was her ... and she looked stunning. Apparently she had been outside for 5 minutes pressing the intercom button .. the broken-intercom button that I'd completely forgotten about ... (my flat was on the fourth floor, so I wouldn't hear any knocking either..). 

Emma was about 5''7", long blonde hair, very attractive. Wearing a very short skirt and revealing blouse -- my neighbours would have no problems guessing what she was doing visiting me ... not that I really cared. We sat on the couch and chatted for a while, had a coffee, Emma had a smoke (am I the only person that thinks a girl smoking looks sexy?), and I paid her. She realised that I was nervous, so when she asked me what I wanted to do, she made a point of pulling out a packet of condoms... which was a great relief, made me feel better about my answer: 'sex please'. 

She of course chuckled at this ... of course we were going to have sex. .. but I was only 21 at the time, and didn't know any better. .. We went into the bedroom, and stood french kissing by the bed for a good 5 or 10 minutes, feeling under each other's clothes... she moved my hands down, under her skirt... and we both undressed each other. 

The sex was great, I came pretty fast the first time, but no worries -- Iwas young -- I lasted much longer till I came again .. . Those were the days...

So my first time with an escort was an absolute success! Many disasters followed of course, but I'll always remember the first. I wonder where she is now....

The X man's first time…

I remember mine well, even after 22 years. 

I had got myself a working trip to Denmark, I had just got my first position as a project engineer, and was working in Copenhagen for 4 weeks. Before I went I had split with my then current girlfreind, we'd not really been getting on, I wanted to advance my career and she seemed happy to work in factory making washing machine parts for the rest of her life, but she was good in bed, and I was missing that. 

Anyway during the first week over there a couple of the other engineers who had been working over there for a while took us on a tour of the Red Light District, which was down by the harbour, we went into a couple of places where they were showing porno films, it was OK but then as now I am a doer not a watcher!, what I couldn't help noticing were the street girls, I watched but whilst with my mates couldn't do much, they were calling out to us, it was January, very cold, and there were no other tourists around, so even to a first timer like me it seemed like the laws of supply and demand were working in my favour, after all I was one of Margaret Thatchers fans. 

Anyway I didn't do anything that day, but the following day was my birthday, now no one else knew, I'd always kept my birthday secret from my work mates, there had been too many cases of high spirited celebrations getting out of hand in our company, and I didn't want to join the swelling ranks of those whose careers had been blighted/ended with a P45 as a result. So I finished in the office at 3pm, as we were waiting for some documents from London, my boss had said you may as well go back to hotel now, I'll see you in the bar about 7pm. Walking back I decided to return instead to the RLD where we had been the previous evening. I didn't know what to expect, anyway after the odd wrong turning I found myself back where we were the previous night. Now I had read stories of girls ripping off so even at that young age had left my cards and valuables in my desk draw, just had about £30 in Danish Kroner in my pocket, so to see what I could get for my money! 

As I walked round I saw a few girls loitering, and I even recognised one from the night before! so I was in luck, decided to walk towards them, to see what they were like, anyway as I approached I saw that they were a bit (well quite a lot actually) older than they looked from a distance, there were 3 of them, all well wrapped against the cold (-5C) and although they were female, and available, and therefore possibles, I decided to pass by and see what else there was, as I walked by one of them spoke to me in Danish, which I didn't speak a word of, I replied in English, "sorry I'm english", she then said someting like 'you go with me' and quoted a price which was about £20. Sorry no I replied and walked on, I walked round the block, there were a few other girls out all obviously working, I saw one who took my eye, a bit younger than some of them (probably my own age, early 20's), possibly a bit on the plump side, but it was hard to tell she was wearing about 10 layers of clothes and moon boots cos it was cold getting dark, and with a bit of freezing fog! 

Having walked round the block I decided to approach her, as I walked up to her she spoke in Danish, I replied in English again, but in what I hoped was a more friendly manner, she just said one word 'sex' I said yes how much?, well she motioned me to stand just inside her doorway, out of the worst of the cold, and said something else in Danish, It was obvious she only knew 1 word of english, sex! Anyway she pulled a tatty bit of paper from her pocket with a number on it, which if converted to pounds worked out at about £15, I nodded got the notes out, showed them to her, and she nodded and smiled, and beckoned me to follow her into a fairly shabby room with a double bed, she started to undress and indicated me to do the same which I did, when she had undressed she was fairly plump, but had a nice pair of tits and was attractive, she sat beside me, and worked on my little head with her hands, it was feeling the effect of the cold but in pretty quick time it was hard, she slipped a condom on lay on the bed, and spread her legs, I just got on top, she guided me in, and I have to admit I didn't last very long, It was no good talking to her, we only had 1 word in common!. 

The deed completed I walked back to the hotel, and thought about what I had done, guilt, not much really, just thought how simple the whole thing was, felt like a shag, paid £15, got laid, no hassle. No going through the taking her out routine, will she / won't she etc.

About 6ish ex-girlfriend rang, snivvleing down the phone about being dumped, whilst wishing me a happy birthday. Could we get back together, etc. Now 3 hours earlier I would have fallen for it, but after my experience in the afternoon no way! 

Anyway I saw 'girl' twice more during my stay, the next time she got a pencil and paper out and drew a pretty good stickman type drawing of oral sex and wrote another number down, I paid it and got my first proper blow job, cos ex. wasn't into that. 

On third visit I tried to Indicate 1 hour on my watch, eventually she got the message and wrote another figure down, this was more than I had on me, so I showed what I had, she nodded and got undressed, and we had about an hour, I managed it twice. At the end I treid to tell her I was going back to England the following day, don't know if she understood me or not, I never did find out her name!.

Brick's first time…

My first experience with an escort was about 5 months ago in a London hotel. It took me a long time to get the nerve up to do it, and I chose this particular escort because of her attitude on her website. 

She listed all the different activities, oral, anal, bondage, watersports, two men at a time, you name it, she did it. And she said that she only did things she really enjoyed. She seemed genuine, and that's why I chose her. Within 5 minutes of meeting her, she told me she didn't like bondage, and described meetings with previous 'weird' clients which made it obvious that she wasn't very keen on most of the other activities either. She then asked me what I wanted to do. (If I had planned on something more 'exotic' there was no way I was going to ask for it now!) Even though I wasn't interested in any of those activities, I got the impression that she wasn't as genuine as she seemed on her website. Her pics were a few years (and a couple of stone) out of date too. Maybe she was just having a bad day, and didn't feel like doing any of the kinkier stuff. 

Anyway, I had a 2 hour session, and it was a disaster. Mostly my fault I think. I was very nervous. But she certainly didn't live up to expectations. And we didn't perform all the activities I'd paid for. I was ready to leave that as my first and only time with an escort. 

But fortunately I gave it another go and have had much better times since. One girl I saw actually gave me a discount. I'd paid for massage, oral & sex but didn't last long enough for the oral & sex. When I paid her at the end she knocked a bit off the price. I paid the reduced price, which I really regret now. I should have given her a big tip for not taking the piss. 

More recently I've seen a girl who said she wasn't particularly enjoying the work. But she still provided an excellent service and made me believe that it was the other people she didn't enjoy being with. She's very good at making you feel special. I'm sure she does it for everyone. And the 2nd time I saw her was even better ...

Simon's first time… 

It had taken just about every ounce of nerve I possessed to call up the escort agency I had found on the web and as I drove to my appointment I had plenty of time to wonder exactly what 'A full, personal service' was...... Did that include sex or was that extra? I was about as naive as was humanly possible without actually being a virgin. 

I managed to get hopelessly lost whilst trying to find the girl's flat and was starting to run a little late. This combined with my  state of high anxiety served to induce a state of near panic. I was just about to give up at this point and go home when Rachel (the escort I had booked) took pity on me and came to find me! 

Rachel was a very pretty 19 year old girl, well spoken and polite. She invited me in and sat me down on the sofa. She must have sensed how nervous I was (Or she noticed my hands shaking!) and spent a good 15 minutes just talking to me in an attempt to calm my nerves. Nothing sexual, just general chit-chat. When she went to the kitchen to get me a drink I almost got up to leave but by now my groin was starting to do some of my thinking for me and it told me to stay... 

When I was halfway down my drink Rachel asked me what I enjoyed in bed. This question was so unexpected that I almost choked on my drink.... Wow. It took me a few seconds to string together my thoughts into a coherent order. My imagination had just gone into total overdrive. I still could barely believe that this was actually happening to me. After I had explained my (somewhat simple) tastes she led me by the hand into the bedroom and we undressed each other. Rachel was everything I had hoped for and more besides. 

She knew this was my first time and went out of her way to make sure that I had a good time, which I did! I left her flat a VERY happy man.

Advanced stuff.......

The first few visits have gone well; you are getting used to the idea that there are willing women out there who will play with you; your mind turns to thoughts of further sexual games. First, perhaps not exactly advanced things, but things you might not try for the first couple of times ... 

Giving her pleasure…

Some cynics (or sexual incompetents?!) say that clients delude themselves about girls ever really enjoying the sex. But the truth is that some girls do, some girls don't ... Some girls will in fact happily let themselves come to orgasm with a client who treats them well enough, and some will do so quite easily; some don't orgasm at all readily (or not with you, anyway!); and a good number of others just won't let themselves come when working ("I keep that for my boyfriend"). Slightly older women seem, on the whole, more willing to orgasm with clients. But it is quite difficult to predict. Some girls are very open, enthusiastic and sexy, but draw the line here; other girls who initially seem much more reserved will quietly lie back and let themselves come if they like you and you have a good oral technique. And of course, on a particular occasion, even with a willing girl, it will depend on her mood and what else she has been up to that day whether she can come again with you! 

Are you any good at giving a massage? A skill well worth acquiring! Any woman will enjoy five minutes having her back and shoulders rubbed. You may initially make her relaxed and sleepy rather than turn her on; but you are building up a bit of intimacy, and eventually as you massage her thighs an oily hand can start straying, and then straying further! Often has a very good effect! But for most working girls, like most women, if she is going to get really turned on, it is by oral sex. ('reverse oral') But note: "It is a delight when a girl really comes (you can mostly tell); but be warned -- she may then be a bit less mindful of your pleasure afterwards (one lovely girl I regularly visited, as soon as she came from oral worship, insisted on being immediately fucked hard without ceremony -- so no more oral treats for me!)." 

And note too the following from a working girl:

"You write a lot of giving pleasure to the girl, which I love, but I know that there are many more like me. I like to get and give massage, I like being licked for about one minute. Then I only appreciate a really good and intense fuck. When I get hot, the only way for me to be able to cum is by screwing. Girls like me aren´t as common as girls who have to be stimulated orally but we are not unusual. " 

Moral: be alert to what the particular girl likes! Ask her if needs be!! By the way, even if a parlour girl comes from being licked out, she'll quite often charge you extra for her pleasure! Odd, but that's the way it goes. 

Cumming over her body…

Another 'ordinary' activity which is fairly often charged extra by parlour girls is your spurting your come over her breasts (or tummy). If you do ask a girl to finish you off by removing the condom and tossing you off over her body, or if you tit-fuck a well-endowed girl, do be careful with your aim -- and don't try to frustrate her aim, if she has you in hand! 

Nothing spoils the occasion quite like a girl jumping up in distaste the moment you have come to grab tissues or dash to the bathroom to wash her face! 

This is one of those areas where girls differ a lot. Some will react to the very idea of a "pearl necklace" with a heartfelt "yuck". But there are others who will willingly toss you off over their bodies and happily lie there afterwards covered in come without immediately cleaning themselves up. They seem to enjoy the visible sign of your appreciation! 

Note, that staple of the porno movie, the "cum facial" is rarely offered except by some escorts. Occasionally, a girl will offer a "bare backed blow jobs", i.e. oral without condom. Perhaps just a little bit unwise to accept, though it is damned difficult to refuse e.g. if you are sharing a jacuzzi and it develops naturally!. But note, starting oral without does not automatically mean you can come in the girl's mouth, and even more it doesn't mean completion in the porno style! 


Some girls will offer "toy shows" -- but if that means just writhing around, with reactions as plastic as the dildo, then you might want to give this a miss. 

However it can be lovely if a girl you've seen a number of times has got to like you and trust you enough to do that particularly intimate thing, play with herself (even masturbate to orgasm) as you watch. 

I have had the privilege of watching a few girls at their private play -- each very different, each a new delight. I'll remember to my last days in particular the lovely A.: I'd got into the habit of taking along a vibrator (one of the rather soft kind that women buy for themselves in Ann Summers shops, rather than one of those fake monster pricks). Then -- not knowing how she'd react -- one week I also bought one of those special small anal vibrators with a T-bar to prevent penetrating too deep and took that along. This was a new experience for her. The sight of her coming from pleasuring herself fore and aft is permanently burnt on my mind ! 

And then the more advanced delights that await you include

Two girls…

Everyone's fantasy! But often a real disappointment (judging from discussions on PunterNet). Of course, if you just want two girls both ministering to you, then it is easy to arrange. But what most guys have in mind when they think of a two girl session (a 'duo') is watching two pretty girls genuinely making out together, and turning each other on, even bringing each other to orgasm, before joining in a genuinely three-way experience. How best to arrange that? 

Find out if there are any girls who do regularly offer a 'full lesbian show' at a parlour -- the receptionist ought to tell you if you phone. But if you are a regular at the place, other girls will be also able to tell you more reliably if there are girls who really enjoy working together. (Occasionally, girls who work alone in flats do have a good friend they can arrange a duo with for favoured regulars.)

Then ideally see at least one of the girls for a solo session first. That way you can tell if you really get on; and if you find her attractive, you can always ask at the end if she enjoys two-girl scenes, ask who her favourite partner is, and arrange to go back the next week to play with the pair if the girl shows some real interest in the idea.

That still might not work out well as you'd hoped, but at least you now know you'll have one nice fanciable girl to enjoy on your return, and you'll certainly be more relaxed when the time comes!

But do note: Many girls who really are bi, and really do enjoy making out with another woman do NOT particularly enjoy being fucked with plastic in the style of porno-films -- so the best and most erotic lesbian sessions typically won't involve "strap ons" and dildos, though maybe a bit of vibrator play. Let the girls make love more or less naturally, and it can be a joy to behold!!! 

Anal sex…

Some guys can't see the point; other guys love it. (Why? -- well, let's get not drawn into psychological theorizing! But it has the excitement of the 'forbidden', and it involves a kind of trust and submission on the part of the girl which some find exciting.) 

There are a few girls who positively enjoy being sodomized, and some more who will offer it (but significantly less than 10% of working girls in the category this site is concentrating on). As with any woman, remember the rule that 'too much lube is not enough', and enter her really s-l--o---w-----l-------y. If you are not used to this, you MUST let the girl be in charge and go at her pace, in the position she chooses. Hurting her is not part of the agenda for those who relish anal eroticism. A good position is for her to be on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed, with you standing behind her; she can then push herself back as she opens up to you. 

And remember -- even when she is bending over spreading her pretty arse to be sodomized, treat her well with respect and care! If a girl says 'no more', or tells you to withdraw, then of course that's final -- and you do not try to cajole and try to get her to change her mind. 

A number of girls who won't do full anal sex (often because various inconsiderate prats have hurt them) quite enjoy mild anal stimulation -- e.g. an oily finger rimming or even slightly penetrating their anus as they are being licked out. I've enjoyed playing with at least two youngish women who discovered that they really got turned on by this if done gently. But this is still a minority interest sport! 

Punishment and submission…

A receptionist may indicate that certain girls offer anal sex or will play a submissive role (rarer). But rather more girls will engage in such activities with someone they like and trust, who they have met a few times. Just ask a regular girl, in a friendly open way!

For example, suppose you have been massaging a regular girl, and she is getting relaxed. Then say 'Your bum is so lovely! I can't resist' and give it a couple of mild taps. And if she doesn't protest, say 'Come over my lap a minute, so I can spank you just a little'. You may well get lucky! ("In my five years playing around, at least three regular girls have turned out to positively enjoy playing submissive games including being tied up -- but obviously, that requires real trust built up over some time.") 

Fun to play with are paddles with one side cushioned and the other not (so the girl is teased and tormented, not knowing what will happen next). Or those very light whips with many soft strands which will do no more than lightly sting and excite. 

Alternate mild stings with intimate caresses -- a number of girls will get quite excited by this! But lots more will NOT: as with anal sex, this is an area where many girls have strong dislikes. Respect them! 

Girls will not normally allow anything that really hurts or which marks them (e.g. caning) -- but a very few will make special arrangements for you to see them on a day they are not otherwise working, and this can be mutually very pleasurable with the right girl! 

Then there is the question of  Regular girls…

Suppose you find a girl you like; the sex works well for you. Then you'll probably find that on return visits to her, things will work even better. You will be more relaxed with each other, you'll learn how to pace things to get the most out of your encounters. As you get to know each other just a bit, you'll enjoy chatting before and after sex. You may get little friendly touches too, perhaps some mild but real kissing, or longer, more relaxed cuddles after the main event, and so on. And as she gets more relaxed with you, the girl is more likely to let herself come. 

And in most cases, that's as far as either of you will want to take things (you can have terrific sex with a girl who you really enjoying seeing from time to time, without feeling you'd have much in common in 'real life'). And remember: 

Girls are not machines. The fact that you've had four great sessions doesn't mean that the next one will be as wonderful (she can be under the weather, tired, have PMT ...). Make allowances for the odd off day -- if she doesn't seem her usual self, just go for the massage and hand-relief (for example), and she'll appreciate that you noticed, and make it up to you next time!

Becoming a regular does not mean you get a discount or stop paying the basic 'going rate' . The lass still has to make a living, so just don't let the money issue get in the way of a friendly relationship. (One guy writes "I take along an envelope with my regular's 'full service' fee plus a bit -- then we just do whatever we feel like that day, even if it is less than I've notionally paid for")

You may or may not get the odd "extra" for free -- but certainly you shouldn't expect to do so, and do not take it as an unfriendly gesture if asked for more when you've been exploring some new diversion (a girl's feelings can get complicated, and she may cope with some of the tensions by sticking to her usual "menu" of prices) !

There's no need (normally) to feel shy about sometimes seeing other girls where your regular works -- at least in a parlour or house with a good atmosphere and friendly relations between the girls, they will expect to share around frequent users of the place.

But sometimes, you find a girl who you really fall for, and you feel she has got to like you , and want to get to know better. Then what ...? 

finally, what of Viagra.

With a bit of help from our little blue friends ... 

From time to time, discussions on PunterNet and elsewhere raise the topic of Viagra. Here are typical comments from two older punters from the discussions 

I am 52 and while perhaps not as hard as I used to be, have no real erection problems (yet). The pill just removes any fear of non performance, so I approach sex in a much more relaxed manner. I found Viagra useful if I do anal or plan a long session. Effect lasts at least 8 hours, so the wife benefits too! Can certainly come twice in an hour with the 50mg pill and 4-5 times before the effects wears off. There are no benefits in taking the 100mg pill if the lower dose works. I intend to try the 25mg pill in one of my next outings. In the proper circumstances, Viagra works great with a good joint. I have a solid ticker and the effects I notice are 1) a slightly runny nose and 2) a definite brightening of colours specially the blues. Feels like being on a sunny beach without sun glasses.

My experience is quite similar. I find even 25mg works very well -- I can keep an erection much longer (no wilting mid-fuck!), and I'm firm enough even to anal a tight young girl. I can get erect again quickly (though not come again in an hour!). No discernible side effects, other than that taking an unnecessarily large dose seems to cause difficulty in coming.

So headline news: great for older guys. (Further reports suggest that some people experience a flushed face. Others suggest that Viagra can rather inhibit orgasm, and increasing the dose makes that side effect worse while not producing any benefit.) 

Some younger men who have taken Viagra -- perhaps with unrealistic expectations of magically enhanced performance -- have expressed disappointment. But one writes "I did read an article in a GQ type magazine where a normal, young, hetero, sexually active couple took a 50mg tablet each and 30mins later had awesome sex for hours on end .... the sex was wild for the female from a vaginal, clitoral point of view, who said her bits felt "engorged". She came easier, better and more often than ever before. While his erection was still rock even after the first cum. We thought (me and my ex) sounds great, we've gotta try this. We did. It was!") 

Mail order companies like Lifestyle Pharmacy standardly supply 100mg does tablets, which can be divided accurately enough to make 25mg doses at about £2 a time ... An amazing bargain . 

There are medical counter-indications (in particular, don't take Viagra if you are taking medicine for angina and some other heart conditions). Check this out! 

McCoy's Guide… 

McCoy's Guide to British Massage Parlours is available by sending £10 to McCoy's Guides, P.O. Box 26, Eccleshall, Stafford ST21 6EF -- it will arrive promptly, and discreetly wrapped. This paperback publication comes out with a new edition about once a year ranks parlours from one to five stars, and it is in principle about as reliable as a restaurant guide. In other words you might well disagree about whether this five star place is really better than that four star parlour; but a five star place should be reliably better than a two star parlour.  

But what could in principle be useful , in fact is rather poorly written. Moreover, there seems to be signficant anecdotal evidence that the author rather than conduct his reseach incognito actually anounces his presence and that there is a correlation between those parlours that offer "freebies" and the ratings.  

the author appears to be using material from PunterNet and claiming that it's his own material - here are two comments lifted from that site  

"The girls [at a Brighton parlour] say he has been around and has left a print out of reports from his readers. I say "oh yea I'd like to see one" The reports are produced and guess what - they are FRs from PN. MrCoy is apparently claiming credit and getting money out of something he has nothing to do with." 

"Fully agree with your comments. I've been in Brighton at Top to Toe, and McCoy did visit there about a month ago, in person, and gave all the girls printouts on themselves, which were all from Punternet - Yet I know for a fact, he was giving the girls the impression, they had been compiled by himself in some way. Must have been printed off some time ago however, because he had FRs on *****, which have long been deleted from PN (as ***** asked from them to be removed)."

Such charges have been frequently leveled against George McCoy on the PunterNet message board without any response from the man himself.

"Punters guide to Punting" Written by the Boy M.

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