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All credit to this archived copy of CamScene a local escort guide must go to our predecessor Mr CamScene who started a local guide to escorting in our area.

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4. West

(Escorts in Kettering, Rushden, Bedford, St. Neots, Biggleswade, also Luton)

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NB: While we try to keep the info accurate, we can't check round every number at every update. These regional pages are unlikely to be particularly up-to-the-minute about the current scene. Information please by email or on the message board !

01933 357222 RELAX2 of Rushden. [12 entrance -- use of facilities, downstairs massage up 50 depending on service; upstairs you pay for time, 65 for 1/2 hr, 75 for 3/4 hr (including assisted shower), 100 for 1 hr (again including assisted shower)] Perhaps best in region, and certainly very good value. Well set-up parlour, comfortable, genuinely welcoming, with nice atmosphere -- the girls often spend their time in the lounge talking to the customers -- and decent and improving facilities (including sauna): and do mention CamScene if this review is how you've found them! "I have frequented this establishment a number of times and have always had a great experience. You can relax before and after the Massage and use the Sauna as desired. I have spent many a happy evening there (yes I mean the evening not just an hour) and have gone for seconds. I have met a number of the other regular punters there and it appears that we have found the place that we like and none appear to be ready to try anywhere else." A later report added "I'm usually suspicious of hyped up descriptions of places and girls that work there, but everything that has been said on this board or in the guide is absolutely true. It's spacious, clean, discreet and appears to be well run with good attention to detail." Now offers assisted showers. NB, house policy is that all services are "with".

Don't be at all put off if a guy answers the phone or is on reception. This is Topsy who runs the place, who is friendly, relaxed and a nice guy!

There are occasional "party days", with food and drink and most of the girls present. These are not free-for-all orgies! But come and chat to the girls and other regulars and also enjoy some private time with your favourite girl(s).

New there are two e-mails addresses you can use this, is for the "management"; and if, as a bit of fun, you want to send a message to one of the girls, then use this one.

There are three rooms: upstairs there is a recently and very nicely decorated room, like a simple hotel bedroom; there is one room with a massage table and a smaller bed, and a third room just with a massage table. The experience in the bedroom is intended to be rather more intimate -- so no massage, but more like an "escort" experience frollicking on a big bed one-to-one with the girl of your choice. At the moment, there are two girls working each day, in alphabetical order ...

  • [The popular Becky has left ... ]
  • Chloe is new girl, 30, blonde with a very fit body.
  • Crystal is another new girl, early 20s, slim brunette.
  • Deja is a third new girl, half Brazilian, 20, busty (all hers!) said by Topsy to be already becoming very popular, though she didn't click with one CamScener: "She's a largish, fleshy girl, of a similar build to Serena. She is busty, if a little pendulous, and has beautiful, chocolate skin tone. Her massage is OK and she gives a good, deep blow job. She enjoyed oral on her, but doesn't allow fingers. We didn't really click and it all felt a bit mechanical, but I'm sure she'll fit the bill for some."
  • Jenny a twenty-something voluptuous brunette is newly working at Relax2, but will be known to some as "Jane of Peterborough", and also works as an escort, see here for more details and reviews. [NB, while she is working at Relax2, house rules apply -- so everything is "with".]
  • Katie is petite, blonde, bubbly, mid-twenties "and a looker". The first report on her is a warm recommendation and implied that she is happy to enjoy herself!
  • Kirsty -- late thirties(?) nice slim figure -- has been highly recommended a number of times as someone who genuinely enjoys herself! "Slim, great tits, so friendly, but very horny!" "A sexy lady, and nice with it!" "As the Guide says, blonde in her thirties, lovely boobs, very friendly. She is a star -- very enjoyable massage (going from firm to teasing), and then I massaged her, leading to ... Well, use your imagination, guys (though either at one point Kirsty really enjoyed herself, or she deserves an Oscar along with Meg Ryan)! Very highly recommended." "Really blew my mind. An awesome massage, and then.... well an awesome everything else. She is so great, I'm already planning my next visit. I swear she has the best boobs I have ever seen. ... I can't talk up this lovely lady enough. She really made me feel great."
  • [Mandy, sadly, has retired -- though she will be working as a receptionist]
  • Savannah is brand new to Relax2 and to working. Late twenties, curvy ass though smaller up top: has done a few days and a number of visitors left very happy -- a girl who likes to enjoy herself. Days not yet fixed, as she fills in when other girls can't make it.
  • Serena returns to Relax2 after a short time away: a very busty blonde in her twenties who had some warm reviews before and was particularly well recommended by some CamScene regulars.
  • Sophie, slender, youngish, with very pert B cup breasts and long blonde hair. Slightly mixed reports initially, but it turns out that she was then very new to the job and e.g. thought that when you ask for Full Service that's all you got i.e. no massage and no oral, just sex. She's clearly learned a lot since then. "Best time I have ever had. Not hurried at all, and it was soooo good." "We started with an assisted shower, a new service for which they charge 5, which was extremely stimulating, and then moved on to the massage room. Whereas many girls just give you a quick back rub and then ask you what you want, Sophie gave me a long, slow and sensual massage lasting a good 15 minutes. The oral was excellent, lasting at least 10 minutes, with plenty of hand action as well to keep things interesting. .... Then it was on to sex. We started in mish, and she really seemed to get into it ... Then we switched to doggie and she suggested that she bend over the end of the table which we did and the deep penetration it afforded was excellent!" "She was pleasantly chatty, gave a good, long massage and lively oral.  She became very wet, very quickly as I fingered her and came enthusiastically, before enjoying a short but vigorous session of doggie." (Reported, though, not to allow reverse oral.)
  • [The very popular Tammy has left ... ]

Rota includes Mon: Chloe, Kirsty; Tue: Serena, Katie, Wed: Crystal, Jenny; Thu: Kirsty, Katie; Fri: Sophie, Serena; Sat: Sophie, Deja.

By the way, guys, there is sometimes an attractive petite young dark-haired receptionist called Sadie, who is very friendly: but she is ONLY the receptionist: "Don't even think about asking her if she is a WG as she is not and has no intention of becoming one but she does love her job and makes you feel very welcome." <-- Updated Jul 10

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07867 818036 ABBY of Northampton Way out of the region really, but has been mentioned very warmly on the board as offering wonderful BBBJ (including deep throat) and as genuinely enjoying anal too. Has a whole raft of PN reports -- for a couple of typical ones, see here and here. She is still getting rave reviews in 2002, see e.g. here. Believed to work only Wed. to Fri. <-- Updated, Jun 16

07815  022 976 ANN will visit in Northamptonshire and around, has a web-site here, and an enthusiastic FR here. A CamScene regular now reports: " 1hour visits possible in Leicestershire / Northants.  Further afield minimum 2 hour booking. I have seen Ann on two occasions now at my home. She is just like the pictures on her website. Very easy to relate to and a good sense of humour. She is very tactile and responds well to kissing and cuddling .... without going into details, she was most responsive in the bedroom ... Lovemaking was as it should be; fun as well as intense, followed by much hugging ... Recommended!" [Jan] We've received further warm praise [Apr]. <-- Updated, Apr 24

07944 976087 Bianca of Luton has been often recommended, e.g. here under her old name (web-site). Caribbean lady 30 something size 14/16. Large breasts. "We started with kisses. The rest is a happy blur but we were quickly into 69. She sucked and swallowed every last drop from me and genuinely enjoyed it. She tastes divine and really enjoys her pussy being eaten out. We kissed again and chatted before I started to sample the delights of her ample breasts something we both seemed to enjoy a good deal. Then it was back to 69 again. Wonderful." [April FR here]. " I found her to be very intelligent and a pleasurable time was had by all. OWO is incredible and nothing was too much trouble. I would return." <-- New entry May 23

07812 917196 CAROL (was Kettering, now Northampton) is, we are told, "a mature lady of around late 40s, blonde with a good figure. She carries out a real all over massage which is finished off with what I have to say is a superb hand relief. She strips off her white receptionists coat to do the job in sexy lingerie and stockings and having been a few times I have to say it seems to get better every time. She doesn't do a full service but what she does do is very relaxing and exciting. Well recommended at 50 for an hour or 35 for half." Carol has a number of FRs on PunterNet all recommending her limited services (suspiciously many of them are very similar reviews posted under a variety of nicks that have never posted again, which is why we haven't listed in the past but there are others, see e.g. here and here). New flat is pleasant. <-- Updated, Apr 5

01536 722300 CRYSTAL P'LEISURE Place near A14, J10 opened by Jasmine of Kettering (see below) with great ambitions. Web-site (now defunct) advertised "A superior and up-market establishment, with every comfort, offering sauna, solarium, gymnasium and a full range of massage facilities.The accommodation includes two luxury en-suite bedrooms and another with a four-poster bed. The girls have been carefully and personally chosen by Crystal [= Jasmine] for their charm and personality." Etc. etc. On the phone was quoted 15 entry, and then from 50 to 80 "depending on how long you'd like to stay". A first FR for Ellie was ok, but a second here was less enthused both about the girl and the place -- "Nice place but too many curtains were twitching when I went out. Overpriced", and also indication that the girl was misleadingly misdescribed. Marisha though attractive (dusky, dark skinned brunette) also has very unenthusiastic report, with fake and uninvolved service. Jasmine herself, though not listed, seems to work here too. We are not sure what has not happened to this place. <-- Updated Mar 9

07836 765496 DEBBILOUISE of Luton has a web-site here (mature, curvy; describes herself as 'tarty'). There is a warmly recommending FR (in unusual style!) here for a one-to-one: "Debbilouise is a lady who loves sex in all its forms, providing she is getting some fun from it too. She is however cagey about discussing details beforehand" She also offers "greedy girl nights" when she takes on six or seven guys--she posts details on the CamScene announcements board. <-- Updated Dec 24

07984 765544 ELIZABETH DEBOERS (aka BETH) of Kettering (website here) is 40, and a blonde size 18/20, describes herself as "BBW". Three FRs on Punternet enthuse: #1, #2, #3 "Great oral w/o, shagging in various positions & fantastic anal. She obviously enjoys her work, she was very active in the sex not just lying there. A very happy friendly lady." A CamScene regular adds "Had an enjoyable time.  Usual stuff - assisted shower, massage, reverse massage.  Some nice OWO.  Here's what really blew me away (!) - I didn't think I was a great fan of anal, but Beth has changed my thinking!  Absolutely great!  She knew how best to position herself, and really seemed to be enjoying it. ... if you're an anal fan, or curious to try it, then give Beth a try - changed my ideas!" A further recent FR #4 again praises her services. <-- Updated, Apr 14

07754 747877 ELLIEX based in MK, escorts in the region, occasionally as far as Cambridge -- an exceptional star! See her entry on the indie escorts page.

01234 212913 EMMA of Bedford is "tall slim with great boobs" , has "near perfect figure, pretty, fantastic legs and tits". She has very good FRs #1, #2, #3. Apparently dislikes reviews of her, so be tactful don't phone saying 'I saw your review on Camscene'! There have been very occasional mentions on the board in the last two years, which can mostly be summarized "Let's just say she is one of the best". But Emma is difficult to get to see, only occasionally advertises in Bedford, and apparently often says that she is only seeing regulars. We had an e-mail which wasn't very encouraging, from a punter who uses a wheel-chair :"I convinced Emma to come to my house which she happily agreed to on the Wednesday, and I made great plans to change appointments etc so we would be undisturbed. You can imagine how pissed off I was, when I rang on Thursday morning to confirm, only to be told that basically "she couldn't be bothered" as her regulars were calling again." And another recent posting says "Nice enough girl but deliberately made me come quickly by hand before I could enter her". Though the same day we heard "She is still one of the best WGs in the region, IMHO" [Feb] Most recently there is another enthusiastic FR #4 "Was met at the door by Emma dressed in a bra, thong, stockings and heels. Looked very sexy and made me feel very at home. Good massage with oil to start, ... Then moved into oral (with). Fantastic technique. Then 69 which Emma really seemed to enjoy. Emma loved to talk dirty to me which got me really turned on. ... she really knows how to encourage a guy."<-- Updated Mar 27

01234 353127 GENEVIEVE'S at Bedford This parlour once had a bad reputation, but the place has had a complete make-over and "is now run by 2 pleasant ladies that make you feel welcome. It is an easy place to talk and have a chat with with 2-3 very friendly girls before making your choice." "Under new management and a better place for it! Clean and friendly, gorgeous girls and beer on offer - what more could a man ask for?" Now has (expensive) VIP room -- " 120 for an hour. shower, jaccuzi, four poster bed, films, bucks fizz etc." -- and a new dungeon. The star is

Other reports in the past are rather variable. We believe that Serena who used to be much recommended when she was at Relax2and Katie who is currently at Relax2 both work here: but the price differential between "VIP" treatment at the two places is considerable. <-- Updated Apr 24

07990 980469 JASMINE of Kettering (From about 80, 1 hr: see also Crystal P'leisure above: has separate web-page) Fairly petite blonde (who owns to mid-thirties, but could very well be rather older: not a conventionally pretty face), with a very gym-toned body. A lot of very positive FRs, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. Her place has "safe parking in a new development, very easy to find. Spotless and very well kept." ""Fantastic legs, great breasts and a wonderful shaven pussy. Jasmine is very friendly and welcoming and was dessed to thrill. Long black slit dress that left very little to the imagination. Wow!!!" A CamScene regular wrote: "Friendly and chatty, so it was immediately relaxed. Personal services were ok (80 for an hour -- BBBJ would have been 20 more). She didn't really hit my button -- somehow all a bit too impersonal -- though the HR to finish after oral and sex in various positions was something else!" NO recent reports but still advertising.<-- Updated Mar 9

01582 452096 JEAN of Luton [unhurried, genuine, massage and topless hand-relief 30 -- and no, please don't ask her if she does "extras"]. Out of region really, but very nice lady who has been warmly supportive of CamScene (even if her old e-mail is 'blondebitch'!), 30's, short blonde hair, petite, "attractive, bubbly, very laid back" who works from pleasant private house. There were some enthusiastic FRs on PunterNet for her limited but enjoyable services but these have been deleted. There are continued good reports. Take your sense of humour with you and you'll have a very enjoyable time! Jean occasionally offers two-girl massages with Chloe but NB it is still only HR that is on offer from Jean (though Chloe might offer more).<-- Updated, Apr 5

01908 373796 KITTENS at Bletchley/Milton Keynes Way out of regional really: newish place and great fuss when it opened (which is why it is on the site), as it had some very young, very attractive girls notionally just offering HR, but in the past often more. Now has a web-site which again says that no full service is available. But a message on Punternet said " Services tend to be made up as you go along, although the maid/proprietor is lovely and pretty honest about what's on offer from day-to-day when you call. My sense is that she'll tell you what's not available, but that some of the girls do go further once you're there." Not very discreetly situated in middle of housing estate. There was a quick turn-over, but the situation seems to have been stable for some months and includes

07931 462947 LEXI is 30 year old brunette, an Ultimate Escorts girl based in Bedford, and has been warmly recommended on the message board. "She does a brilliant OWO ... boy does she try  to please!  She is a good looking trim woman, with untrimmed pussy and long hair to match.  she also kisses with enthusiasm.  Her flat is in really good nick as well, in a quiet area of Bedford." Has an enthusiastic FR, and is warmly recommended on Captain 69 "I was met at the door by a very pretty girl who welcomed me with a delicious kiss and from there it just got better and better with undeniably the best bbbj I've ever had." One report said "can be a bit cold". But most recently: "Visited Lexi after a 6 month gap, boy is she good. great OWO, superb very hairy pussy and just a really nice good looking girl. ... well recommended. fees are around 110 for an hour (all in)." <-- Updated, Jul 11

07833 785629 LYNX ESCORTS cover the MK region and get some good reports, particularly for Shannon and Ayisha. <-- New entry, May 23

07947 079762 ORIENTAL SOPHIE of Northampton is an oriental escort of Indonesian extraction, fairly new to the area. She has a website with details and a number of pictures. Has an enthusiastic FR here and here (both, though, from people who have not posted PunterNet FRs before ...) "She loved her whole body being touched and played with, boobs, pussy and anus and the toys she brought along contributed to our mutual pleasure. Sophie was hot and passionate ..." [Jan] "Absolutely superb." [Jun]<-- Updated, Jun 16

01582 534717 PENNY of Luton (ex Knebworth, where she was often recommended for her special services; briefly in Luton). Penny is a true submissive who will take nipple clamps, a whip, the cane, be fisted ... She is a 30-something with reddish hair and a good figure, and has warm FRs for her services, including #1, #2, #3, #4 "Penny is unbelievably submissive and encouraged me to dominate and disipline her. I was a little nervous but in a short while she was gagged with a silk scarf on all fours being cropped, mewing and moaning encouraging me to finger her wet vagina and aroused breasts. Penny went crazy bucking and mewing as I fisted her like crazy as she fingered her clitoris, she came at least twice real intense before I respanked and vibed her. Finally she gave me an intense hand job and bought me off. Penny is not only beautiful, but kind, understanding, willing, very,very submissive and sexual." (Beautiful? CamScene really has to dissent on that one!) However, there were a couple of complaints of very poor service on the CamScene message board. And then the next FR #5 again is of very poor service "Penny has had a stream of glowing reviews recently and she deserves them because her service is excellent, but they may have rather gone to her head, and given her the feeling that she can afford to mess clients about." Two more latest FRs #6, #7 are again mixed, the first pretty good, the second pretty bad (complaints of a rushed service). Her first Peterborough review FR#8 was good again. It has been suggested that how good your experience is with her depends on being prepared to use her as a submissive. Not for a vanilla appointment, perhaps. <-- Updated, Jun 30

07763 244054 SARA OF KETTERING is an exceptionally attractive blonde, who was very highly praised here in the past; stopped working for a while, and now seems to be rather intermittently back, her return marked by a rave FR now seemingly deleted (175 for an hour, though). Apparently doesn't like reviews, so don't mention this site! Tends to stick to a few regulars. Really loves to enjoy herself when she does work. Latest news suggests that she is not working at the moment. <-- Updated, Jun 30

01604 604627 STUDIO 171, Northampton (171 Kettering Road). Again, out of region really, but well worth a visit, and mentioned warmly from time to time on the CamScene board. Recently well recommended girls include "busty blonde bombshell" Sam, very young-looking pierced blonde Victoria, petite brunette Nicole, the slim dark haired Jordan (who apparently is happy to take a facial), and a young new girl Cassie [all those recommendations date back to February or before]. "I paid 60 for 40 mins and this included coming twice with covered oral and sex in a variety of positions. Jane is a very attractive lady who told me that she also dances at the Circus Tavern in Purfleet. She was extremely attractive with long blonde hair and was dressed in a short black mini skirt when she arrived in the room. She looked very sexy but she got her kit off a bit quickly for my liking. Sex was good with covered oral but during the second session it was too obvious that she wanted me to finish although I supose that my 40 mins was nearly up. On the whole a very attractive, sexy lady who was good value for money and worth a visit if you are in Northampton. No kissing by the way." <-- Updated, Jul 21

01480 471439 STUDIO ONE, Eynesbury, near St. Neots advertises in Cambridge papers, old reports suggested very expensive for a very average experience. 35 entry, and 40 to the girl. Later "I have been there several times, there's three different girls on, two white one black all very good" and much more recently [Feb] "A slim and extremely attractive black girl, Amber (ex-model), gave a long and relaxing massage.  Throughout she was chatty, pleasant and very attentive.  I agree that the 35 entrance is high, plus 35-50 for extras, but I really cannot complain about the service I had for 40,  consisiting of oral, reverse masage and full sex. I would highly recommend and plan a return visitsoon. Afterwards had a shower and sauna. The sauna was a little on the tepid side for my taste, but Amber was HOT!" However, most recently we've heard from a guy who was unforgiveably kept waiting an hour after his entry money was taken, and another who found the reception so off-putting he immediately left. Also "I made a recent visit to this place after a long absence and found it had gone downhill a bit. I saw Leanne who used to be very nice and engage in a little kissing but doesn't anymore and I was quite abrubtly told. She was also very quick to point out that I was over running my time and she had another customer, something else that hasn't happened here before and which i find quite off putting. I will not be visiting again." <-- Updated, Jun 23

01908 218731 ULTIMATE ESCORTS (not really an escort agency, it's an advertising agency for independent girls) cover Beds, Bucks, Herts and Northants, and have a web-site hosting short self-descriptions from a significant number of independent ladies, couples etc, and linking to reviews both from PunterNet. Many girls can be contacted direct (numbers on site). Some girls will travel to Cambridge but prices quoted for this tend to be expensive. In alphabetical order ...

07940 953510 YVETTE of Luton, also really out of region, is late 20s, tall, attractive, blonde and busty has been warmly recommended a number of times on the message boards. "Very good value for the area, she does FS for 40 and HR for 20.". "Friendly Welsh girl, 30 ish, around 5'8", nice boobs." Last report was almost a year ago; but CamScene has confirmed that she is still working. <-- Updated Apr 5

The Bedford Scene -- A Short Report The following was posted on the board imany months ago by, but is worth preserving for a little longer:

There's been a more recent CamScene report of Teri at Playmates which is pretty so-so. <-- Updated, Oct 2, Mar 9, Apr 11

Remember, for other info on the area you can look at

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