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All credit to this archived copy of CamScene a local escort guide must go to our predecessor Mr CamScene who started a local guide to escorting in our area.

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Report on Parlours and Flats, Peterborough and North


EMERALDS (01733 358805) used to be called "Chloe's" over the top of Pete's newsagent, has apparently moved due to fire (no loss as the previous accommodation was poor. About 50 for the full monty

In the past, Maria was recommended (late thirties).

JENNY'S/COFFEE'S (01733 347662) is a terraced house along Oundle Road - you enter via a passageway at the side of the house.

Recent report, though, of rather unfriendly reception.

STABLES (07752 807577) in Elstone, Orton Waterville is new place.

STUDIO ONE (01733 319559) is at 230a Lincoln Rd, above the Bargain Shop. "You go through an entrance at the side and up some steps. The locale is far from discreet, and might be too busy for some with shops all around and pedestrians and traffic in abundance. It's a clean, well run establishment, with a friendly maid who opens the door, gets you a drink, and chats to you if the girl's busy. There's one girl working at a time, with different girls throughout the week. The maid takes 10 at the door and you pay from 30-50 in the room, which is spacious and tastefully decorated. It's open till around 6.30pm.

Melanie was also recommended here some months back. Recent comment [Sep] "remains one of the most reliable places to go".

TEMPTATIONS (Now Silk & Lace) Closing Christmas time when lease runs out girls moving to Brum. (01733 560658 ) 1 Whalley St.(ex Classique). The action takes place in a slightly tatty semi in a side street, but clean place inside. It is run by Sophie (and the place has been vouched for by a CamScene regular, quashing some unfounded and apparently malicious rumours about the set-up).

(01733 553835). Burghley Street  Old reports were uniformly poor: e.g. "I've visited [Burghley St,] a few times and was only impressed once." [Jun] "Go only if you positively, absolutely MUST get ripped off before the night is over.  So no value at all here." [Oct] And those behind the scenes were believed to be drugs involved. Things may have changed, though, and we have received recent praise for the place, and in particular a recommendation for

(01733 264654) Pendleton. "Another place that doesn't let you down often is this place on the Westwood estate ... the receptionist is a tall dark girl who sometimes works, and they have a fair few different girls.  Always a well-run & tidy place (60 all in)." [Sep]

(01733 260227) Bretton, "just behind the Coopers pub, there's a house with a different girl every day of the week".

And someone posted "I have never had a good experience there" [Sep]. But lately we've heard better

(01733 772314) Morgan has an FR [May] reporting "works from a modern house on an estate in North Peterborough. Clean and safe. This is mainly a residential area and parking can be restricted. Some curtain "twitching" A hard bodied blond, medium height, small breasts but lovely sensitive nipples. Some tattoos. Shaven with a pierced clit. Nice smile, very well presented young lady in her early 20's. Superb legs. Morgan really enjoys sex, and is more than willing to experiment. Gives good oral - covered. This was my first visit to her but she really seemed to enjoy her work." Also works at Coffee's?

For FIONA see here.

For MELONY see here.

North of Peterborough

Peterborough punters could consider going over to OAKHAM (01572 755119) . The parlour is about five mins walk from the centre of town, opposite the Somerfield Restaurant. It's a well run establishment, with two girls there most days (only one on Sundays). But price is high for the area: 15 or 20 at the door plus 30-80 in the room. (Lee an attractive, bubbly lady in her 40s is "attentive and accommodating, and well worth a punt.", but a Sam here was initially reported as poor, though the linked FR is fairly good, and Kim [Mar] was said to be only so-so but by another client said to be "delightful").

Also there's Silks at SPALDING (01775 712220) where Olivia has an FR and Dawn is an early 40s brunette, with a lovely body who has been recomended a number of times ("boy she is good!"). Angelina is "well recommended, lovely Dutch East Indian girl slim but busty 36 22 34 figure, friendly and quite chatty and really good service, esp oral." [Mar], and her recent FR [Apr] warmly praises her looks and service (but she charges as extras what many include). Michelle too is recommended "Slim, 21, Blonde cut short, 34-22-34. Soft skin, gentle voice. A really beautiful young girl." [Mar] Karen also has a good FR, another young slim blonde. Dionne "is a star; small tits but lovely body and wonderful service and nice with it. Says she's 40 but could have got away with telling me 30". [Jun] "Dionne admits to 42 but could pass for early 30's. Not the most curvy of figures but she does have a really nice little butt ... I cannot praise this lady highly enough, she gives the most superb uncovered blow job, is amazingly flexible, (she used to be a dancer) and most of all really enjoys her work. A word of warning however, Dion will not tolerate bad behaviour and had told an earlier client on one day to leave so treat her well, especially giving her oral and you will be richly rewarded. Also a note on the parlour, Silk's must be one of the best run parlours in the area, its clean, really tastefully furnished, it could be a little more discreetly placed. Good quality video is shown in the room, " [Jul]

Oasis at BOSTON (01205 360889) has also been recommended. The well-recommended Ellie is apparently no longer there, but other girls have also been recommended: Yasmin is mid 20's possibly older, mixed race, fab 34e 22 34 figure. Smashing girl!" The young Amy here is very attractive and has a great report.

At Bodystrokes at GRANTHAM (01476 578515, 103 London Rd), Sasha has a positive FR, was described on the phone as '19, long dark hair, superb figure, suntanned all over, wonderful at her job but "She looked maybe five years older than I'd been told, and had quite a hard face." There's a very poor FR warning against Crystal (supposedly twenties but forties).

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