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All credit to this archived copy of CamScene a local escort guide must go to our predecessor Mr CamScene who started a local guide to escorting in our area.

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The region around Cambridge

1. North

(Ely, Huntingdon, Peterborough)


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Special Report on Parlours and Flats in Peterborough and North

NB: While we try to keep the info accurate, we can't check round every number at every update. These regional pages are unlikely to be particularly up-to-the-minute about the current scene. Information please by email or on the message board !

We are certainly not planning to try to give a comprehensive guide to the whole Cambridge region (i.e. the region within 30 or so miles of Cambridge). The hope is just to note some places and some ladies within easy reach of Cambridge where there are known recommendations which have caught our eye. For other info on the area you can look at

Rather like the Good Pub Guide, entries in the regional pages are divided in two main categories. 'Tried and tested' means there have been a number of independent reports, or reports from sources known to be reliable. 'Other suggestions' are recommendations that have appeared on the message board, or elsewhere, but it would be good to have confirmed by further reports. Hope you find it all useful -- do please email us updates.

Tried and tested

07946 194554 CATRINA of North Lincs (thirties, curvy, brunette: pics on her web-site are apparently a good guide) is fairly new to working. Visits into the northern part of the CamScene region. Catrina had a very enthusiastic PunterNet FR #1 from her very first client. "Lots of kissing, cuddling, laughing and joking. Catrina is one of the best kissers I have ever met and certainly the most passionate. Catrina provides OWO but CIM isn't on offer. Her oral, like everything else, is done with such passion and vigour, she really does enjoy it. Catrina, loves having oral performed on her. ....When she cums, while not being a screamer, you certainly know when it happens. Sex was out of this world. Again, Catrina's passion and enthusiasm showed through." Another client posted a long rave on the CamScene board. There's another enthusiastic FR #3 "Bundle of delight. The pictures on her site do not do her justice. Mutual oral and sex was enjoyed by both partners and we ended up exhausted with grins from ear to ear."; the guy was so delighted, in fact, that he booked Catrina for an overnight stay which he reported on CamScene with great enthusiasm! And there is another excellent FR #4, and the latest #5 is again very warmly appreciative. "Cat gives a great massage, could kiss for England and is a wonderfully relaxed, fun, passionate & sexy partner to spend time with....and the sex was pretty amazing too." Occasionally does two-girl sessions with Jenny (see below): they very genuinely enjoy playing together, not just for "work". For a recent PN report on a two girl with Catrina and Jenny see here, and another here (the sight of them playing with a strap-on is apparently quite something!). See here too. <-- Updated May 23

01733 315890 FIONA of Peterborough Slim, stawberry blonde. Has been warmly recommended in the past, and is working again in the region, has a warm FR, and has been recommended again on the board. But note "I visited Fiona last week, after a long wait outside for the previous client to leave was pleased to find that she was as previous reports had described ie, petite with strawberry blond hair ... Had a nice massage and covered BJ followed by sex doggy fashion and finished with HJ my only complaint being the consistant knocking of the next client on the downstairs door. On the whole I had a good time but Fiona could do with a maid to let people in so clients don't meet." "I've been to Fiona many times and she is lovely. I've never been rushed and she always tried her best to both please me and enjoy herself. And as she treats me as an old friend it really is like having a sexy girlfriend." [April additional reports:] "She is slim and very finely proportioned with fantastic legs, a tiny waist, small breasts and nipples that could knock holes in you. She has curly strawberry blond hair, deep blue beautiful eyes and a strikingly pretty face. Best of all is the combination of an all-over tan and a freckled face and chest (very sexy!). Fiona is friendly and enthusiastic, lets you set the tempo and is very responsive. So why the mixed feelings? Well, the place is a real dive, the room not decorated at all and the towel on the bed was far from clean. Also, Fiona could have worn something more interesting than a short dress (whipped over her head in two seconds) with nothing underneath, and white stilettos. So what should have been wonderful had the feel of a cheap punt about it. Still, I can't really complain because it really was cheap at 50 for a 'full personal'. I just think it is a slight shame that such a truly lovely girl is in such an unlovely setting.", "I've known Fiona for a long time & everything you say about her personality & service is true.....and no, there never is much time lost getting the kit off! (She'll do the schoolgirl thing, though, if you ask in advance.) She seems to go through phases of losing interest ... I think the same applies to the establishment - she seems to "let it go" for a while & then suddenly has a burst of spring-cleaning! I thought it was a bit down-at-heel last time I saw her, but maybe next time it'll be like a new pin! One thing that always disppoints me is the lack of hot water ! I still think she's one of the best in the county, though." "Always willing, and a good bargain." From, "Wow is all i can say about Fiona. Been today paid 30 for oral, she started with a 10 min massage then she sat on my face for a 69 i asked for a toy, and she let me fuck her with a dildo while she sucked me off, has a great slim body and neatly trimmed pussy which tastes so fine . Full service is 50 she has toys and uniforms, no rush service (never in the 4 times i've been to see her anyway)" There's a brief but warm FR [Jan] here, and another very positive FR [May] adds "All in all fantastic, no rushing, nice chat after (and during) ... she's a lovely natural friendly and most important SEXY lady" <-- Updated May 12

JANE of Peterborough is newly in the area, but used to be "Jane of Borehamwood" -- known on PN chat as "Hotfox". She is currently offering only outcall in the area, and contact details are on her website. See her main Guide entry.

07803 159910 JENNY of Stamford (slightly out of region) has a web-site revealing an attractive and buxom late thirties woman (calls herself a BBW): "Had a really good time! While she could never be described as a "stunna" she's all woman and certainly knows how to please a man. .... In the bedroom, she asked me to help her undress and then took her time removing my clothes. A very enjoyable massage followed, then she treated me to OWO ... and then accepted my offer of some reverse oral. She thoroughly enjoyed herself & "joined in"; our combined efforts producing a dramatic orgasm. After we had rested she returned to the point where she had left off & took me all the way orally. Jenny doesn't do CIM, but it was a pretty close thing! Afterwards she took care to clean me up & we went downstairs for more refreshments   Altogether, a very enjoyable experience; Jenny is enthusiastic and inventive; there's no feeling that she works to any set routine -- and she certainly is no clock-watcher! She also has a wicked sense of humour." [Jul] An FR on CamScene was also really appreciative, including "without exaggeration, was the best OWO I have ever received (and I've probably seen 50-60 different girls since I started punting four years ago). All the time she was looking me straight in the eye, with a dirty look on her face. The oral lasted a good 10-15 mins, and was absolute heaven. I then went down on her for a similar period of time (seemed only fair!). Then it was on with the condom and she went on top after which we switched to mish. While Jenny won't do CIM, she does enjoy a 'pearl necklace' and she asked me if I would oblige. But of course! So with my old fella between her 38DDs, she sucked and licked me till I could hold back no more. Oh, and all the way through, she was kissing like a girlfriend the extremely horny, dirty girlfriend we all wish we had. I know this all sounds a bit 'over the top', but Jenny is easily among my top five punts ever ... And it's even more surprising because generally I prefer tall, slim, girls in their early 20s and Jenny is in her late 30s and has a fuller figure (36DD-27-37). But she has a wicked smile, absolutely loves sex, is extremely likeable, and really puts everything into it. This was easily the best 100 I've spent in a long time. ... I mentioned I'd like to put a review on Camscene, where she often posts herself, but she did ask me to point out that she doesn't work to a set formula that what happens during a session will not necessarily be as I've described it here. But if my experience is anything to go by, you'll certainly have a good time." [Oct] "She is the most sensual, witty and willing lady i have had the pleasure of meeting." [Nov] More recently, from a PN FR [Apr] "Her pictures on her web site really don't do her justice; she's much prettier and slimmer than her photos would suggest." Occasionally does two-girl sessions with Catrina (see above): they very genuinely enjoy playing together, not just for "work". And the latest [May] FRs continue to rave, here and here. For a recent PN report on a two girl with Catrina and Jenny see here, and another here (the sight of them playing with a strap-on is apparently quite something!). <-- Updated, June 2

07759 676992 KAREN of Crowland, north of Peterborough. See FRs, #1, #2. "She is approx 5.8 tall has long curly auburn hair and blue eyes. She has ample 46dd breasts and is a wonderful curvy lady (a "BBW"). She is very well spoken and very well turned out. ... Karen enjoys her work and gives wonderful OWO. She does not rush things and we had a great time kissing and cuddling. Sex with Karen was also most enjoyable especially when she is on top and you have her huge breasts in your face. A very pleasant experience." Unfortunately there was some misuse of the CamScene boards, now forgiven. But we have had some genuine recommendations for her, and FR #3 says "She is funny and good company. ... This lady gives a very good titwank, well she would with a chest that size. She then gave me oral [without] which was very nice and then we finished off with full sex which was great. ". FR #4 is also appreciative, and was followed by a CamScene report, "Was greeted by Karen dressed in nice lingerie and we sat and had a coffee and a quick chat before going to the bedroom where we got down to the nitty gritty.  She is a large lady, there is no doubt about that, but great fun a good laugh and great at bbbj, although won't let you CIM which is fair enough.  But she did let me cum all over her boobs.  A fun lady to be around ...  She charged 80 for the hour which ... is bloody good value." Now there is FR #5, again keen: "She has a wonderful sense of humour is very cheeky and fun to be with. But you will only appreciate Kaz if you like larger ladies. She was very easy to talk to and we proceeded to have a nice shower and then got down to some serious fun. Shee enjoys oral both ways and her owo is very good indeed took all time and effort not to cum there and then. She may be a big lady but she sure is subtle and we tried many varied positions. She does great breast relief with those huge boobs and doggy with her is great fun. She keeps things on a light note and we had a really good time and a really good laugh." "Karen was very friendly and I had a good time.  She has got wonderful large breasts (my failing) and we spent a very enjoyable hour." "She is still as wonderful as ever and I have enjoyed many an hour with this bbw lady. Still gives great head." <-- Updated Jun 23

01733 371797 MEL of Peterborough. Has an updated web-site with many more pics (significantly rounder these days?). Will visit in the region as well as do incalls. NB, the number you ring is followed by a 'spiel' after which you have to press *1". Seems to continue to elicit very varied reactions: the substantial majority, however, are on the positive side. "She is very attractive, clean and enjoys sex ... I had an absolutely superb reverse oral session.". "Lovely lady. Really pretty, wonderful body. Girlfriend sex? Better than that." "Lovely hot assisted power shower first. No clockwatching - lovely to talk to. Oral without both ways for as long as you can stand it!" "Visited Mel on a Monday morning about two weeks ago. A little expensive maybe but worth every penny. Mel is much more attractive than she looks in the photos on her web site .She is very chatty and puts you at ease very quickly. Oral .. sublime." "Was met at the door by a very pretty girl much prettier than her web photos ... A very teasing massage with her sitting on me never missing a chance to tease my manhood and allowing me to grope away but no fingers inside. She then started playing with her self with her toy, never seen a girl bring her self off before. By now I was bursting for more attention so she started sucking away and when I said I would cum if she carried on she promptly said with a big grin on her face that would cost you an extra 20 if I came in her mouth. At this point I thought in for a penny in for a pound. .." From the board [Oct]: "Was more than pleasantly surprised. Physically she is very attractive (and quite honestly the best pair of boobs that  have ever seen, let alone touched). She did all that was possible to put me at ease, and the sex was great." And a later FR enthuses too about how she gives and receives oral: "I left after my time was up fully satisfied, and still wanting to know more about her, and more about her body. All in all a fantastic time." [Dec] There are more recent recommendations #1, #2, #3: and the latest #4 is again warm "As a relative newcomer, I was quite nervous but Melony is friendly and relaxed and quickly put me at my ease. As other reviewers have stated, you will not be disappointed ... she has a lovely personality,and is gorgeous." It has to be said, however, there have been less favourable comments from various sources expressing disappointment. Overall, the reports suggest that experiences can differ a good deal depending how you gel with Melony as a person (maybe that just shows she isn't offering an impersonal packaged routine, which for many will be a plus). <-- Updated Jun 18

07762 702211 SARA of Peterborough escorts in the region, an attractive mature lady who has a warm FR here. <-- New entry Jun 16

07957 580094 SELINA of Peterborough is another, classy, escort. See her entry here.

Other suggestions

An in-depth Report on Peterborough Parlours and Flats (also covers Spalding, etc.)

If you are in the north of the region, then you will be in reach of escorts who are based around Nottingham. One CamScener has particularly recommended Charly who visits into the region [Mar], another recommended Marie who will visit as far as Cambridge [Mar].

07940 152356 HELENA of Peterborough/Stamford ("please call me 'H'") has a web-site (phone only in the day before 3, or between 10 and 11 pm). The first report was enthusiastic: "Spent a wonderful hour with "H" today. ... Chatty, bubbly and IMHO gorgeous. A Petite lady with an infectious smile. Her pics on her website do not do her justice.Will be seeing her again as soon as possible." A couple of private e-mails since also warmly praised. <-- Updated Mar 9

01353 666133 JULIETTE of Ely has been mentioned on the board a number of times. Advertises in contact magaiznes "Sexy lady into most things,36D/24/36 figure 5ft 3" tall loves being dominant,lots of outfits/toys", and "A photo reveals an attractive dark haired girl in her mid/late 20s". Comments have been mixed, but on the positive side we heard from a CamScene regular "I have been to see this lady and I enjoyed myself, she is NOT as attractive as she appears in the contact mags, but she is friendly and willing. She will try most things as far as I can tell and is all round good value. Do not be put off by her telephone manner as she has a very hard fen accent, however she is a nice lady." [May 2001] Also "Into most things, average price, enjoys receiving as well as giving and wont watch the clock". But "100 for hour seems a lot to me and no owo is offered. Just sex and covered oral." [Feb] <-- Updated, Feb 16

07759 316179 LOUISE of Huntington is new to the area, a mature larger lady, with a web-site. : outcalls only. "She is a delightful lady in every way and you couldn't wish for a nicer way to spend an hour. To use an overworked phrase 'treat her well, she deserves it', she really does." [Aug]. "A great experience." [Mar] "Very friendly and not a clock watcher. If you like slightly larger girls, then I would recomend Louise to you. She was also very enthusiatic during love making. Oral both ways was fantastic. She is also a very intelligent girl, so conversation is good also." [Mar] <-- Updated Mar 25

07855 137691 Zena's Remedial Therapies.  Private.  Strictly by appointment.  Main Street, Ely. Believed to be "Lily" who was previously mentioned on CamScene. <-- Updated, Mar 9

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