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All credit to this archived copy of CamScene a local escort guide must go to our predecessor
Mr CamScene who started a local guide to escorting in our area.

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Welcome to CamScene III

More comebacks than Status Quo? Yes, but you can't keep a quality site down!

Camscene started up in August 1999, and continued with one or two hiccups continued until December 2000. It returned in mid-January 2001 and died again just before its second birthday. It is now resurrected again. The old management is pushing off for a long sabbatical abroad. He'll be maintaining the "Beginner's Guide" but has been persuaded to pass on the CamScene torch.

What's going to stay the same? We'll try to still fit the old description "fair-minded, literate, grown-up, respecting the escorts and other ladies who can give us so much pleasure (whilst not being afraid to criticize the second-rate and expose rip-offs)".
What's going to change? Talking to the old management, it's clear that what did his head in was trying to keep the site as comprehensive and wide-ranging as it was (especially when help from the board didn't exactly flood in). So we are going to be more geographically restricted in the Guide pages (sticking nearer to Cambridge), though by all means go a bit further afield in the message boards. Someone quite independent is developing an Angliascene site which will cover deeper into East Anglia. Also we are not going to try to be so comprehensive in the Guide: after all, what's the point of trying to follow all the comings and goings at the crap Cambridge in call places? So we are just going to be more brusque about the dire places.
As before, then, the site comprises a set of pages making up a Regional Guide site: we also have a set of message boards. Comments, corrections and new reviews should be posted there in the appropriate forum, or if you prefer by e-mail to xxx.

We'll try to continue updating the Guide quite frequently, though maybe not as frequently as before. It has pages on the Cambridge City 'incall' scene, on escorts and escort agencies who cover Cambridge (and the local area), and then some pages going further afield and describing some of what is on offer in the wider region driveable in no more than about 45 minutes or so from Cambridge. The Headlines page in the Guide acts as a partial index to the site.

To find out more, read the FAQ!

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