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All credit to this archived copy of CamScene a local escort guide must go to our predecessor Mr CamScene who started a local guide to escorting in our area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Camscene started up in August 1999, and some hiccups has continued (mostly) on-line since. It is now in its third incarnation. CamScene III, as before, comprises a local Guide site, with in-depth pages on the Cambridge City 'incall' scene, on escorts and escort agencies who cover Cambridge (and the local area), and pages going a little further afield and describing some of what is on offer in the local region. For more on deeper East Anglia, however, you now need to consult AngliaScene. There is a brief page of Headlines which summarizes the information for the Cambridge region. In addition there is a message board. We also host a quite seperate enterprise, the (not just for) Beginner's Guide to punting.


What area does the Guide try to cover? Primarily, Cambridge city, and places well within an easy hour's drive. So more specifically, we try to be cover the area from Rushden in the west (50 mins from Cambridge) and Brandon in the east (45 mins), Peterborough to the north (40 mins, depending on the traffic), Harlow in the south (40 mins by M11). Most of Lincs, Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex are really out of range and are the province of AngliaScene.

Where are the escort FRs ('Field Reports')? We don't have a separate archive of FRs like PunterNet: there seems little point in duplicating their excellent service for storing and indexing FRs. If you want to submit a full-scale FR why not send it to them, and we'll link to it (let us know it is there!). Alternatively, you can e-mail info and reviews to CamScene or post them on the main message forum and reports will be suitably extracted and edited into the Guide pages.

How often will the Guide be updated? When the spirit moves. The date of the last update is indicated on the entry page.

How comprehensive do you try to be? (1) We try to be fairly comprehensive about the incall and outcall scenes in Cambridge itself. (2) In the wider region, the coverage is patchy and dependent on either personal adventures or recommendations/reviews (we don't try to be a comprehensive listings site for the region -- though local providers are very welcome to post adverts on the appropriate providers forum). It's very much up to readers sharing their experiences.

Do you list/review male escorts? No. The site is for straight male punters and the girls who offer them services (though at the margins we'll allow TS escorts, as these do appeal to some straight men).

Can escorts get good reviews by offering freebies to CamScene? Absolutely not. We'll continue the old management's policy of keeping any association with CamScene secret when punting (if not always successfully!): so no recommendation can be based on a girl offering special services directly to get a good review on the site!

Can escorts/agencies ask not to have reviews? Yes. But if agencies, or in-call houses, publicly advertise then we may note their existence and that they don't want reviews. People can draw their own conclusions. With independent girls, we are sensitive e.g. to the fact that some offer "respectable" massage services and don't want it spelt out that they offer extras.

Can I send e-mails in confidence? Sure: e-mails to CamScene are very welcome and where appropriate will be treated in the very strictest confidence. Use a hotmail address for your own protection if you want; and note that you can use a site like '' as an intermediary for further privacy!

About the board

I am worried about security in posting: should I be? Readers of the board will not be able to see any indication of the domain you are posting from. And for extra security, try using which provides a 'buffer' between you and the rest of the web (and us!), so even the board manager will only see their ISP and not yours! So there really is no need to be worried about net security!

I have info confirming what is already in the Guide: should I post it/e-mail it? Please, please do!! It is really very helpful to have confirmation that the report on a girl or a place is still accurate.

I don't really like writing blow-by-blow accounts of encounters: will a very short recommendation do? Pretty much anything is better than nothing. Indeed, many of us are much less interested in the precise physical ins and outs (!) and more. Usually you can convey age, looks, general demeanor, and the kind of encounter a WG offers without going into unwanted detail.

Street girls

Why doesn't the Guide mention street girls? Cambridge itself doesn't have a street scene. (And in any case, we'd be very wary indeed of mentioning any street girls who were not known to be drug-free and pimp-free.)

For the ladies ...

I am a new local provider: how can I advertise in the Guide? You can't! The Guide is a reviews site, not a place for advertisements. But send an e-mail with details to CamScene or post on the Providers' Announcements message board (where short adverts are allowed), and you'll get a listing in the Guide in you are based near or visit Cambridge.

I have a web-site: will you link my Guide listing to it? Yes normally -- but please reciprocate. There's info about how to get a banner.

I am an established local provider: can I still post adverts on the new Providers' Announcements board? Yes, but please only very occasionally post straight adverts (once a month, say?). In fact, posting frequently could well be counter-productive (people start murmuring about that kind of thing!). By all means post contributions replying to queries on the main message board, etc.

OK: what's the catch? What are you getting out of this? There really isn't a catch, or any secret charges. It's worth keeping the site going if only to save oodles of money on bad encounters!).

I don't want to be listed/reviewed on your site: will you delete references to me? If you advertise publicly in a newspaper or on Punterlink etc. then your existence is a public fact and there can be no objection to mentioning the fact here: we will of course not publish any contact details not available in such public sources. So the basic rule is: if you are listed publicly elsewhere, you may be listed here. However, as we said above, you may opt not to have reviews on this site, in which case there will be no reviews in the Guide, and we'll try to catch any message board reviews. However, please remember this is a review site -- so if you don't want to be reviewed, then you should not normally post on the message board, and certainly not post in any way that could possibly be interpreted as advertising or seeking contacts with clients, for that could reasonably be taken as an indication that you have "signed up" to the CamScene ethos!

Finally ...

Who runs the site? Ah hah ... best to keep a low profile, eh? But regular punters who'll be out there doing research for you!


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