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All credit to this archived copy of CamScene a local escort guide must go to our predecessor Mr CamScene who started a local guide to escorting in our area.

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Escort Agencies
serving Cambridge and (in most cases) the surrounding areas

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NB: While we try to keep the info accurate, we can't check round every number at every update. Information

 We know something of the following agencies


07815 837714 ANNA'S ESCORT AGENCY (110 for an hour in and around Cambridge; 120 further afield) is a small but established Cambridge agency which aims to offer a "quality, professional, discreet individual service". Girls have been heard to warmly praise Anna for the care and concern with which she selects and then looks after her small team: so from that angle general vibes about this agency are unusually good.


Anna now reports there are a number of other girls "I would like to introduce Charlie, blonde, blue eyes 34C. ... Sasha, brunette, 36B. Sharline, brunette, green eyes, 36D. Not forgetting ... Celina (dark blonde)" <-- Updated Jul 11

01223 519300 CITY BABES/ 01707 888777 KISS [1 hr, 120] Based near Harlow, and girls are driven up. They have a very wide range of women/girls: in the past generally reported as OK, but phone description of girls is not reliable, and delivery times may not be at all accurate. Unfortunately, despite the fact that they we have commended the agency as relatively reliable and listed a number of girls as warmly praised, and despite friendly contacts in the past, they are now a bit uncooperative on the phone about confirming whether the listed girls are still working for them. We had no reports for a few months -- the last two for named girls were six months ago

(Three others mentioned more than once in the past as gviing good service were Maxine, Patsy and Tara. But we don't know whether any of these are still working.) But the most recent reports [Jul] are off-putting. "Absolutely the worst punt of my life. During my preliminary phone booking with City babes, I was told that the girl I had booked would do OWO, A, kissing Reverse O And CIM. I had assurances from City Babes that the session would cost 120 for the hour, and that the girl was flexible on the number of times I could cum in the hour. The first surprise was when and I discussed her services - 120 for UP to the hour and but not including OWO or kissing but 200 for everything. Apart from A. ... I spoke to City Babes who said, you pay your money and you take your chance." And then two reports of girls being sent who were so unlike what was expected that the potential clients sent them away (25 cancellation fee). Updated Jul 21

01438 218199 DISCRETIONS (based in N Herts: will send girls to Cambridge. 130 for an hour, and can take some time to travel up: has attractive but uninformative site) Basically this firm is run by ex-Silk'n'Lace girls, and proclaims itself to be "a small, friendly, female-run agency". One client writes "The girls always seem enthusiastic and well motivated" ; but another says "I think their women are very variable in quality: some excellent and some ... just weren't anything to write home about whatsoever."

07733 072052 DISCRETIONS Escorts A quite different outfit to the one listed above. Has advertised regularly for a year, and still advertising. It seems that this "agency" has exactly one girl working for them, Cindy, who was described as "30s, size 12, blonde, sophisticated" -- 90 for 1 hr full service. Nothing more is known. No reports. <-- Updated Apr 22

07985 689399 ELEGANT ESCORTS is local agency covering Cambridge and surrounding area (e.g. Huntington). About 95 before midnight (some services may be charged extra, and some incall services also available).

Other girls have been announced. The agency seemed to start well, then, but then seemed to hit a bad patch: "The girls look tired and washed out.. and my last 2 encounters have been very very poor indeed." "Cannot recommend this agency." <-- Updated Jun 30

0870 7870116 / 117 / 118 EMMA'S ESCORTS [Covers much of East Anglia and the office is actually based in King's Lynn: there's a much improved web-site. 1 hr, from 95 for outcalls: also some possibility for incalls at Cambridge, St Neots, Sawtry ...] A range of ladies. Some younger ones listed on the site, but most of those we have heard of are pretty mature, and reports have been very mixed. We've had reports of the following, still listed on their web-site:

Francesca isn't now listed on the site and had a couple of really awful reports on the message board (one definitely to be avoided it seems, if she is still working). Mercedes similarly had a very bad report and now is not working (under that name, anyway).<-- Updated Mar 23

01707 888777 KISS This is in fact (believed to be) the very same outfit that used to advertise as City Babes.

07905 297626 LA FEMME Newish agency (was "Tina's"). Basic charge 110/120 for first hour, depending on distance: some services like OWO charged extra. Also now offer incall. We are told that there are upward of a dozen girls on the books, and that Jackie who runs the agency gives rather more reliable descriptions of the girls than many do. We have reports of:

07833-785629 LYNX ESCORTS (has a site), and Ayisha has been recommended, FRs #1, #2. <-- New entry Jun 16

01708 853385 LISA'S [1.75 hrs, 200] Based in the Romford area. This agency used to be called Lisa's but now seems to be nameless: they will send girls to visit across much of East Anglia. An agency that has been fairly consistently recommended for some time: "I have rarely been let down by any of the girls, although some are better than others." The girls listed in the previous entries have moved on. But now there are ...

01707 880044 SILK AND LACE. [1 hr, 120]. Has (very uninformative) web-site. You ring them up and they get a girl roughly fitting your requirements to ring you back.  This continues until you find someone you want to meet. They are based in Herts, but they cover about six counties. This agency has in the past been recommended by a number of regular users -- though most of the recommended girls that we knew about have left, leaving [in May] just Kelly, Demi and Nicole all of whom were said to be young and very attractive. Carly too was said to be "amazing". More recently, we've had a very warm but unspecific recommendation for Sammy [Jul]. So far, so good! BUT, a while back there was a very bad report of Sonia. The client complained to the agency who initially offered a discount on another booking; but when it came to the event, the discount offered was trifling. When this was reported on Punternet, there were a surprising number of replies giving negative reports on the agency. E.g. "The agency seemed quite efficient at answering the phone but the girls were a disappointment. The first I saw was a girl who happily told me her whole psychiatric history in the first five minutes, didn't seem to like sex very much, and after spending a lot of time complaining how long it was going on for (I don't break records I can assure you) she had the nerve to ask for a tip! The other girl was flat chested, even though I'd asked for a girl with biguns ... and just lay like a sack of potatoes during the sex itself." "I have found them useless. They never send me a woman of a description that I requested.... I don't use them anymore." "Noticed previous comments. I have had a bad experience about 3 months ago with them. Asked for a slim, dark haired late 20's - got a plump badly dyed blonde in late 30's who took my money gave a bad blow job and ran off - with 120 of my money. I would never use them again." Judging from comments from a girl who phoned them a few months ago about starting as an escort with the agency, they don't have much by way of "quality control" -- they were happy for her to start the next night, having never escorted before, and without giving any advice ... In summary: obviously, given the size of the agency, you could well strike lucky. In fact, one guy has just e-mailed to say that he had used the agency about monthly for about five years and only once been really disappointed. But given what we've heard, we don't particularly recommend this agency as reliable. <-- Updated Jul 11

07989 407601 STANSTED ESCORTS are new, and have a site here. Contacts with CamScene suggest that this is a promising set-up. But at the moment only two local girls on the site (a third has been announced), but they've both had raves from CamScene regulars.

There is a steady turn-over of other outfits, with new ones springing up (it seems) every month; we just list relatively recent numbers:

NB A word of caution. We have had indications that one or two of the fleeting new locally (Cambridge) based 'agencies' that have come and gone recently are run by characters who we frankly wouldn't regard as trustworthy or discreet -- so while hotel visits would probably be safe enough, it might not be terrifically sensible to arrange home visits.

07796 204814 24-7 ESCORTS New, nothing known (other than 100 ph but strictly no OWO) <-- New entry Jul 18

07789 607861 ABBY'S STUDENT ESCORTS Newish advert in Crier. Seems to be three or so youngish girls (22, they say) who are slightly mature students locally. A caller reports her was told of "Emily (5'9, 36C), Amy (5'9, 34D) and Beth (5'10, 36C). 110 for 1st hour and 90 for 2nd. Strictly no OWO." Nothing else known yet other than a quite friendly telephone reception, which emphasized the service was very discreet. <-- Updated May 8

01438 365314 BLUSH ESCORTS (7pm to 7am) New, nothing known (other than 120 ph. plus 20 for OWO) <-- New entry Jul 18

07905 409927 HEAVENLY ESCORTS New-ish advert: we've only heard this: "Pretty sure that they have one  escort  about 5'2", slightly above average weight, okay looking, but with an overbite.  Long curly hair.  Pretty fiesty in the sack, and does owo (if I remember correctly).  110/hr " <-- Updated Dec 17

0800 783 7156 LADIES IN WAITING: Nothing known (other than said to be rude on the phone, and 120 ph) <-- New entry Jul 18

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