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All credit to this archived copy of CamScene a local escort guide must go to our predecessor Mr CamScene who started a local guide to escorting in our area.

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This Guide deals with the paid sex scene: for a little other local sex-related info, see the relevant forum
This page and the next cover the local escort 'incall' scene in Cambridge itself.

Escorts in Local Cambridge Houses and Flats

FR = Punternet 'Field Report'

01223 248200 CARISMA [Full service price, c. 65, 1/2 hr] A pleasant small flat at Cherry Hinton. Since CamScene started over two and a half years ago, reports have largely been positive from a good number of different clients. "I've never had a bad experience at Carisma" is a not untypical response. The ladies have been happily working here for considerable periods, which is always a promising sign. Current line up:

In fact, it has been suggested once or twice that none of the ladies is quite as attractive as the descriptions above: though "Carisma is definitely the best place in Cambridge -- Zoe, Vicki and Tia are all warm, welcoming and wonderful (particularly Vicki in dominant mode)." Your view will probably depend on whether or not you want to see younger women. Rota believed to be Vicky, Mondays; Zoe, Tues, Fri, Sat; Tia, Weds, Thurs. Still the only consistently recommended in-call house in Cambridge <-- Updated May 23

01223 502363 / 700768 COCO'S [10 for the receptionist, 45 to 70 for personal services.] Advertises as "Luxurious, Discreet" but it is isn't. Action takes place in a very small room in flat on Mill Road, though this apparently has been recently redecorated. Not very discreet either; it is above a Mill Road shop, entrance is through a side door, and we are told that girls in the hairdressers opposite amuse themselves watching comings and goings, which may put off some. Walk in, though you can book ahead. There was a rapid change over of girls last year, but things seem to have settled a little, with more reports recently of satisfied customers. We've been recently told that some days there will be two girls working.

We have had less good reports of:

In summary: variable, but getting better, and beats the rest listed below! <-- Updated Jun 15

01223 414636 CREME DE LA CREME [Full service price, c. 60-80, 1/2 hr] Off Mill Road (about 1.5 miles from centre. NB admission to this place is not discreet: it is a terraced house in a residential street, and you sometimes have to ring the door and wait in the street for admittance via a side entrance). Very scruffy room (advertises shower facilities, but these don't seem to be routinely offered to clients). Appointments system. High turn over of girls, and maybe not too choosy about who they employ: a report in 2001 said "Went there early this week ... and believe me, the one lady I saw needs to be avoided. Sorry, forget her name but I'd say she had a drug problem what with all the needle marks! Avoid!" About the same time, we had another very off-putting report: "Declined the lady on duty there this week (not my type): I tried to be nice about it but was subjected to verbal abuse from the maid." The people who ultimately run this depressing place also run the Pleasure Dome: the only reason to go to this place instead might be to see one or two of the same girls more cheaply. Despite the occasional good report -- in particular for Iman "beautiful, slender, doe eyed black lady in her twenties. Great bod, in lingerie ... " who is reported as having given an excellent service in a very friendly and good spirit [Jun] -- we still say overall, it is probably best to avoid this place. <-- Updated Jun 30

07985 689399 ELEGANT ESCORTS advertises "incall/outcall". See their entry on the agencies page.

01223 243580 FANTASY [Full service varies up from 65, 1/2 hr] Mostly ghastly (CamScene3 visited a few times in the past, and in the end decided it would be about as much fun to tear up the tenners outside). Moved to Mill Road, to "a really horrible run down house". Never particularly cheap (and prices can creep up above what is stated on the phone), but very down market all the same. A considerable turn-over. Reports over the last eighteen months have been mostly very negative (indicate inter alia girls with a serious drug problem). There have also been reports of some apparently unhappy foreign girls working here seemingly reluctantly, and the owner is, we hear, a nasty piece of work, e.g. asking for sexual favours from the girls. The picture that has consistently emerged over many months is of a very dubious outfit. For a long time, then, we've firmly recommended against using this place. Despite that, we've recently had one or two better reports of a couple of Asian girls and an attractive young brunette; and with the turn-over here, you could strike lucky. But "fellas keep away from mill road it is so bad, has not got any better with time", followed by "Went to Fantasy, what a waste of money, long haired 30 something had the worst skills I have ever encountered". Most recently, though, Trisha "is a really lovely girl, advertised as Italian but really Eastern European [but here of her own volition], mid-twenties, taller than average and very slim (size 8 ) with small boobs, spectacular legs and a beautiful face. She is also affectionate and fun. Definitely worth a visit for anyone who likes really slim girls". Our summary remains Avoid this place. <-- Updated Jun 16

07905 297626 LA FEMME advertises "visit us/visit you". See their entry on the agencies page.

01223 354373 PLEASURE DOME Grafton Centre, v. comfortable. Run by those who ultimately run Creme de la Creme. "Nice place, mirrored, very discreet -- except when you ring you have to meet outside a shop opposite. Apparently this is a first time thing only though. Room is quietly lit, with mirrors and so on -- very nice." But NB reports of double-booking/being kept waiting 45 mins despite a time having been confirmed an hour beforehand, and prices seem over the odds. There's a high turn-over too (the place takes a high percentage from the girls). We've heard relatively recently about

Previous reports were considerably less positive for Allaya and Carla (who've no doubt moved on). Overall, given the high prices, very variable
reports, the summary has to be you may strike lucky, but approach with caution <-- Updated, Jun 30

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